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"The Rant Bowl" Buff Bites

We haven't had many victorious Monday's since the 3 - 0 start to begin the year so we need to make the most of it.

Colorado_mediumThe Ralphie Report is optimistically awaiting the decision of WR Diante Jackson which should be tonight. With Jackson and Darden possibly coming in, the Buffs might get some much needed play makers.

Colorado_mediumHawkins assessment of the CU kicking game: "There's no question that it's squirrelly at best." Squirrelly? How about the opponent's best friend?

Colorado_mediumThis weekend's game between Oklahoma State and Colorado has been dubbed "The Rant Bowl." I'm a Man, I'm 40 vs. Go Play Intramurals, Brother. What is the over under on how many times ABC will air those tirades? I got three.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo put out his first look of Oklahoma State. There is always one eye popping stat in his outlook. When you think of Oklahoma State, you probably see WR Dez Bryant and QB Zach Robinson. But its the running game that will kill you:

264.8 -- The number of rushing yards the Cowboys average per game this season. They are easily the best rushing team in the Big 12 and rank sixth nationally in rushing.

Colorado_mediumTodd McShay of ESPN gives Oklahoma State's defense a "stock's down grade" for their seemingly limited adjustments against Texas Tech. That's some tough criticism against a prolific offense. How did CU beat Tech the last two years. Texas Tech's last loss? Colorado.

Colorado_mediumOklahoma State is trying to regroup after the blowout loss to Texas Tech. Is this a team that will fizzle or will it be a contender against Oklahoma in the last week of the season? We will see first hand Saturday night. As the Rocky Mountain News states, Texas Tech did a great job of limiting WR Dez Bryant and RB Kendall Hunter from having big games, something the Buffs must do if they haveany chance.

Colorado_mediumLooks like more than just The Ralphie Report were impressed with the play of CB Jimmy Smith.

Colorado_mediumIowa State called the loss to Colorado "a debacle." You know why both CU and Iowa State have had their struggles this year:

And, of course, the Folsom Field turf was awash in 18- and 19-year-olds as the clubs started a combined 21 underclassmen, including 12 who donned cardinal and gold.

Colorado_mediumWhat's new? The Buffs Basketball team is picked last in the Big 12. This time by Athlon. It is promising that CU is getting some good talent through recruiting but when you only have two upperclassmen on the team, it is going to be a struggle.

Colorado_mediumThe CU women's soccer team lost a tough game to Missouri in the Big 12 championship, 1 - 0. The Buffs will find out tonight if they still qualify for the NCAA tournament.