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Initial Post Game Reaction: Colorado Buffaloes lose 3rd Quarter to Texas A&M, Lose Game

Yes, the Buffs came out of halftime and laid an egg. Up 10 - 3 at half and seemingly stopping the Texas A&M offense, holding them to 14 yards rushing and 62 yards passing, had a 219 to 76 yard advantage. But yes, the score was 10 - 3. Missed opportunities and turnovers were the main theme today. But tell me, how does a team come out flat at halftime? A&M scores 21 points in the 3rd quarter. 21 points that can only be explained by coming out flat in the second half. You win 3 out of 4 quarters and lose the quarter where you have time to make halftime adjustments? Have the Buffs made halftime adjustments this whole year? CU also made bad turnovers in crucial spots. Cody can't throw an interception when the Buffs are at the 5 yard line and Hansen cannot throw an interception with 3 minutes left in the game when CU was going in for the score. The defense can't give up 50 yard plays in the third quarter. The Buffs get a big play from Darrell Scott inside the 7 yard line and the Buffs turn it over. This game is as simple as making plays and Texas A&M made more big plays when it was all said and done. The Buffs statistically outplayed A&M, 392 yards to 308, 9 more minutes of time of possession and almost 200 yards rushing on 43 carries. But Colorado still loses 24 - 17. It is really shocking how they lost when you look at the stats. Here are the positives and negatives to today's game:


  • The Buffs got 219 yards of total offense in the first half. 392 for the game which was a pretty big improvement in terms of total yards.
  • CU's defense held the Buffs to 3 points in three quarters of the game.
  • Darrell Scott had a big run for 42 yards that most of the world won't see because of no TV. Rodney Stewart got hurt in the second half but the Buffs still only gave him 10 carries in part to a 21 point third quarter. 
  • The Buffs D was good against the rush except for a 54 yard run. Without that run, A&M had 40 yards on 32 carries
  • George Hypolite dominated most of the second game. 7 tackles and 3 tackles for a loss.


  • Zero halftime adjustments and a 21 point third quarter doomed the Buffs.
  • 3 turnovers, especially the Cody Hawkins interception in the endzone and Hansen's late in the game where horrible turnovers. The Buffs only got one turnover which they capitalized for seven points.
  • The Buffs should have been up 20 - 3 at halftime but with Cody's interception and another Aric Goodman missed field goal made it only a 10 point game. Throw in a dropped touchdown by Josh Smith and that is a Buffs team who doesn't make plays.
  • On defense, the Buffs let up big play after big play in the third quarter.
  • I don't know who to blame for the third quarter but a big portion falls on the Coach Hawkins. Sherman outcoached him in the third quarter and it led to 21 unanswered and a loss.
  • The Buffs were 0 - 6 on third down in the second half. Again, the Buffs aren't making plays. 
  • Josh Smith. I love him most of the time but today he was not good. A big fumble that lost the Buffs 14 yards and a dropped touchdown is a bad day of work. He made a couple of nice returns but still had his trouble back there.
  • Special team continues to be a problem with short punts and missed field goals.

I think own of our loyal readers, nebraskasux, expressed the frustration of this team well:

I hate this team so much, I think I can officially say that this is the most frustrating buffs team and coaching staff in my lifetime of being a fan

More to come on this loss that may have cost the Buffs its chance at a bowl game. It is a sad day.