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Game Day Prep Buff Bites

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As we near gameday, these links should help you get to know the Kansas Jayhawks a little better. Look for The Ralphie Report preview and the "Keys to the Game" coming up. My feeling has definitely changed a little bit from earlier in the week. Texas and FSU...they scare you physically and with their talent and athleticism. Kansas...doesn't put out that same sort of athlete as FSU and Texas. That being said, Kansas does put out on the field one Mr. Todd Reesing...but as you will see below, a weak rushing attack.

I am not saying the Jayhawk's won't be able to run on the Buffs but it is sort of comedic to me that prognosticators are pumping the fact that Kansas had a good rushing game against Iowa State. Iowa State currently ranks 93rd against the run. Let me put up a little chart for you that shows Kansas rushed for 3.0 yards a carry last week and Kansas had the worst rushing performance against Iowa State all year. You know what that means...Kansas rushing game is not back. Iowa State gave up 243 yards on the ground to Kent State (5.7/carry)? Go get Reesing!

Rushing Defense - Iowa State
Opponent No Gain Loss Net Yds/Att TD
South Dakota St.(44-17) 25 192 12 180      7.2 2
Kent St.(48-28) 43 274 31 243      5.7 1
Iowa(5-17) 33 136 18 118      3.6 1
UNLV(31-34) 42 227 18 209      5.0 2
Kansas(33-35) 39 147 30 117      3.0 2
Totals 182 976 109 867      4.8 8

How about this damn stat...embarrassing. Special teams coach Kent Riddle better get these boys playing. I am sick of special teams being a negative and not a positive. A team that is not as talented as most of the Big 12 needs to win with special teams, not lose with it:

The Buffs are ranked last out of 119 Division I teams in kickoff coverage, having allowed two kicks to be returned for touchdowns this season.

But it looks like Kansas has some problems on special teams too:

The Jayhawks are ranked last in kickoff returns, with a puny 13.2-yard average.

CU K Aric Goodman better pick it up too and drop the nickname "money" until he makes three legitimate field goals in a row. predicts the Colorado Buffaloes vs. Kansas Jayhawks game...don't read it if you want to see the Buffs winning. Here is another one from Tim Griffin of, don't read if you want to see the Buffs winning. My question is will the Buffs be able score 27 points? And do we really think the Buffs defense is going to give up 42? I see this game a little more low scoring that 71 points.

Funny, but it still doesn't make up for K Aric Goodman missing field goals:

CU coach Dan Hawkins is renowned for finding interesting and amusing ways to conclude practices. Among some of the best have been linemen sliding through snow on their bellies, closest to the pin (players hit golf balls toward a helmeted teammate down field), and linemen catching punts and kickoffs.

Hawkins came up with a new one Wednesday when he asked media members to come on the field to attempt a 25-yard field goal with quarterback Cody Hawkins serving as holder. This writer, along with scribes from the Denver newspapers and KOA radio play-by-play man, Mark Johnson, all missed their attempts. Some worse than others (Johnson kicked in cowboy boots).

Each time a media member missed, the Buffs had to run a gasser across the field and back.

The Blogpoll has made it big, now featured on CBSportsline...we're going to be big.

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As the words say, "Turn it Up" as in turn up the pressure on Kansas Quarterback Todd Reesing this weekend