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The Ralphie Report Interviews Colorado Buffaloes Commit QB Jordan Wynn

Well, we have promised now we deliver. The Ralphie Report had the privilege to sit down with one of the Buffs prized commits in Oceanside H.S. QB Jordan Wynn. Wynn currently has the most yards passing/game in the San Diego area averaging 283 yards/game with 9 touchdowns through four games. He has led his Oceanside team to a 4 - 0 record on the heels of winning the State Championship as a junior. Here is how our interview went:

FSU logo The Ralphie Report: First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Congrats on your commitment to the University of Colorado and on your successful high school career.

I would say your arrival at CU is exciting to a lot of Buff fans because of the talent that you have shown in your high school career and the different things that you bring to the table. How would you define your style of play and what can you bring to this Colorado team?

Jordan Wynn: I am a very unique quarterback. One thing that I do particularly well is read defenses quickly and make a ton of audibles. I would say over half of our offensive plays this year have been an audible I have made at the line of scrimmage, and that's something that definitely attracted attention, especially from Coach Helfrich.

FSU logo The Ralphie Report: I know you have been asked this a million times but what separated Colorado from the other Division One schools that offered you a scholarship? How much interaction did you have with Coach Hawkins in the process or was it mostly QB coach Mark Helfrich and Kent Riddle?

Jordan Wynn: Well, I took an unofficial visit out there in April and fell in love with Boulder. Colorado was always a school that intrigued me, and always had my interest. I talked to pretty much all three of them a lot. Coach Helfrich and Riddle came to my school and then I was always keeping in contact with them, as well as Coach Hawkins.

FSU logo The Ralphie Report: Since your commitment to Colorado, has the coaches and schools calling you slowed down a little bit or has it increased due to the continued success you have had this year? You are averaging 282 yards/game which is near the top in the entire state of California...What is the key to your current high school offense?

Jordan Wynn: All the schools that had either offered me or were interested I called up shortly after I committed and informed them of my decision, so they have backed off which is a good thing because it's really let me just focus on my senior year.

The key to our offense is we run a spread, and it just opens a lot of things up. I have 4 to 5 options to throw to on most plays, and it's very hard to defend.

FSU logo The Ralphie Report: If you had to pick one thing about your game that you need to work on, what would it be? What is the one attribute about your game that will separate you most from other quarterbacks around the nation?

Jordan Wynn: One thing I'd like to work on is my size, I'm weighing in at 185 pounds right now, but I'd like to be closer to the 200 range, and that's something I am currently focusing on.

The thing that separates me from other quarterbacks is my decision making as well as those audibles I make. It's kind of funny because I'll play a team and after the game the team will be telling me, "Wow you change the play a lot, it throws us off." So I really work hard in the film room to prepare myself.

More questions after the jump...

FSU logo The Ralphie Report: Enough with the tough football are some quick ones:

a. Got any ideas about a possible major at CU?

Jordan Wynn: Possibly Business

b. What quarterback or football player did you idolize growing up?

Jordan Wynn:  Brett Favre always, he plays the game with such a passion

c. Are there any other players on your high school team being recruited right now?

Jordan Wynn: Osmond Nicholas WR committed to San Diego State
Brian Schwenke OL committed to Cal
Demario Coleman WR( 10th grade) already drawing attention

d. Other than football, what is the one thing that excites you about coming to Colorado?

Jordan Wynn: I know a lot of players on the team and on my official trip, I met a lot of people and I'm really excited to be apart of it.

FSU logo The Ralphie Report: Thanks for your time Jordan.


Some follow up thoughts:

Jordan sounds like a sharp kid who loves to play football. I like how he runs the spread in high school right now. There is a severe learning curve going from a pro-style high school offense to a spread-style offense in college. Having the basics of the spread down will do wonders for Wynn when he arrives in Boulder. And not only is he running the spread, he is exceling at it. Right now Wynn has better statistics and is leading his team to a better record than the #1 recruit QB Matt Barkley. Wynn is tearing it up and his Oceanside team isn't throwing the ball every down either. Barkley's Mater Dei team throws the ball 32 times a game while Wynn throws it 24 times a game and Wynn has the same yards/game as Barkely. Wynn is a player for sure. He definitely seems like an awesome guy from how he dealt with The Ralphie Report and said he would be open to future discussion. Good luck to JW on the rest of his senior year and we look forward to him in gold and black.