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BlogPoll Roundtable - Week 6

Special thanks to Barking Carnival (who has the best OU/TX preview I have seen to date) for hosting this week's Roundtable. Enjoy and debate below.

Please observe the latest ESPN Heisman Watch. What gridiron presence draws your suspicion and ire?

Javon Ringer. When is the last time a "consistent" running back won the Heisman trophy? Ron Dayne in 1999? The guy had over 2,000 yards. Ricky Williams? Same thing. I just don't see Ringer being the "game-changing" player that most Heisman winners are now a days. He isn't going to get that close to 2,000 yards now that the Big 10 schedule has started and if he stays healthy, Donald Brown will finish with more yards and most likely a better record.

In World War I, British troops were famously characterized as "Lions Led By Donkeys." What Donkey leading a college football team of Lions is leading his troops into the Somme again this Saturday? Who should replace him after the court martial?

Tommy Bowden. The guy just absolutely cannot get it done. How many chances is he supposed to get? How many times have his teams let the public down with an insane amount of talent, especially in the watered down ACC? I would put a lot of money on this team if they hired the right coach. With the players that they have on campus right now someone like Brian Kelly could come in and have this team dominating almost instantly, a la Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops/

See the rest of the questions after the jump...

It's conventional wisdom that it is "good for the game" when certain NFL teams - Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay - or certain NBA teams - LA, Boston, New York - are strong. Others would contend that this is the arrogant self-importance of the traditional elite. With the resurgence of historic programs like Alabama and possibly Notre Dame (now believed to be turning-the-corner in 12 of its last 15 seasons) is it good for college football when certain name programs are strong? If not, why not?

Without a doubt. It gives college football fans someone to hate. It gives casual or "bandwagon" fans someone to cheer for? Think about all the people that you see wearing their stupid a$$ Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs (at least until their epic fail this season) hats that can't name two players on the respective teams. Merchandise sales and "buzz" are good for each and every sport, and having these so called "certain teams" do well is good for college football.

A related question: what team with some record of success could fall off of the face of the earth and CFB wouldn't miss a beat? Who fancies themselves a name brand, but aren't?

LSU. When did the Tigers become one of college football's cornerstones like their fans now awesome that they are? I realize that since Saban came to town they have done very well (2 National Titles is nothing you snub your nose at), but what had they done prior to that? They weren't as low on the totem poll as a Kentucky, but they certainly weren't more relevant than a program like Arkansas.

4. Texas/OU in Big D. Okie State @ Mizzou. Penn State @ Wiscy. LSU @ Florida. We have Longhorn, Cowboy, Badger, Tiger - which dog is most likely to get it done?

As much as it pains me I think I have to go with Okie State. I think that their offense this year is the absolute real deal. While any of these underdogs can obviously get it done if they win the turnover battle, I think the Pokes will be in it until the end and only need one or two momentum swinging play to beat the Tigers in a close game.

What currently unranked team will we be hearing about soon?

Tulsa will finish the season undefeated. Yes, that is partially because of the weakness of their schedule. But when they go into Fayetteville and annihilate the Razorbacks the nation will finally notice who strong the Golden Hurricane offense is. The worst part of it for Arkansas will be watching the offensive coordinator who should be theirs shred their SEC defense in only his second season on the job.

What ranked team will finish outside of the Top 25?

BYU. When you are a mid-major that people already have doubts about, you can't finish the season with two late losses and still be ranked. The Cougars go down to both Utah and TCU.