A Few Questions with...Rock Chalk Talk, A Kansas Blog

Hello to all you Colorado Buffalo fans, Denverjhawk here representing the guys over at Rock Chalk Talk and welcome to the week two of Big 12 conference play.  This week we will see a battle featuring the Colorado Buffaloes against the Kansas Jayhawks in Lawrence, Kansas. As part of the cross-blogging effort that will be going on all week between The Ralphie Report and Rock Chalk Talk, Irish, Woodrow, Rockchalk and I figured we would create these FanPosts on each others sites to answer any questions that were out there about the upcoming game in Lawrence at 10:30 am MT.

Want to know what to expect from the Hawks (not Dan and Cody) on offense? Defense?  How this one shakes out? Fire up a question in this FanPost and I as well as Rockchalk, head blogger at Rock Chalk Talk, will respond to it.  Hopefully for everyone,  the game this weekend is a good one like we had last year up in Boulder.

We look forward to your questions, and just as a side not I will be hopping on a plane to Lawrence on Friday to take in the game live so I will do my best to keep up with the questions after that point.

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