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Tuesday Buff Bites

While the eyes of the nation are focused squarely on Dallas for thie Saturday's Red River Shootout (Red River Rivalry?  If you've ever been to Fair Park you know that it is perfectly acceptable to call it a shootout), Big 12 fans can spend their Saturday watching a fantastic slate of matchups (with the exception of Tech - Nebraska).  Not only will the pecking order at the top of the conference be solidified by this time on Sunday, but games between A&M and K-State and Baylor and Iowa State will give us a clear view of the bottom as well.

Colorado has played the Jayhawks done to the wire the last two season. Is this the year that the Buffs finish?  If they don't it wil be Coach Hawkins first three game losing streak since his disaster of an inaugural season.

The CU defense hasn't gotten it done this year against the run.  To beat Kansas this weekend Todd Reesing, who has run very well against the Buffaloes in their last two match-ups, must be contained.

Hmmm...  Maybe we were actually the better team against Texas as well...  In fact, I think I am just going to stop paying attention to the scoreboard and start paying more attention whose team is "better all-around" in my own personal opinion.

Florida State made me feel a lot better about the Buff with their play last Saturday. This is a team that will be ranked by the end of the season in the weak ACC.

I heart Stoops.

And what of that OU-Texas trophy, that oversized Golden Hat? The players pass it around after games, taking turns wearing it. Tommie Harris, Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray – they all posed after big wins.

What about Stoops? Does he put it on?

"No," he said, another chuckle at his lips.

Why not?

"Not my style," he said, sensing a chance to bring down what was left of the house. "If it was a visor, I might."

I have had some requests for some hip-hop to be featured amongst the TRR Daily Jams lately so here you go Mr. Anonymous Hip-Hop Requester. 

Lil Wayne - Let the Beat Build