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Post A$$ Whooping Buff Bites

I still feel that 100 mph freight train that rolled into Boulder Saturday night. Luckily it was a good tailgate and Nebraska got handed a bigger a$$ whooping. It is also good to know that Texas has a freight train coming there way too.

Hey at least the CU women's soccer team is dominating. Currently #15 in the nation and coming off of a victory over Kansas last week. Maybe we can borrow one of their players this weekend as our new place kicker. Couldn't get much worse right? It worked in the movie Necessary Roughness with Kathy Ireland. Now if we could get their 40 year old quarterback, Paul Blake, off the farm the Buffs could be a contender.

Some big spreads this weekend as we continue to see there is a big gap between the top 5 teams in the league compared to the other 7.

Here is a first look at Kansas from the Boulder Daily Camera. The Ralphie Report will be doing a Q&A session the Rock Chalk Talk, a Kansas Jayhawk blog this week. A little different format but more geared toward answering your questions about the upcoming opponent. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

To help us remember that two good things do come out of Austin (music and the ladies) here is a track from one of my favorite Austin acts.

Tacks, The Boy Disaster - Paris