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Happy Halloween Buff Bites

Happy Halloween to all the readers of The Ralphie Report. May your alcohol intake be plentiful tonight.

How bad is it going to suck tomorrow that we have to plug in our AM/FM radio from the 90's and listen to the game. Come on Big 12, lets get a network.

Did you know:

CU's win over Kansas State is the only time in 24 conference games played when the winning team scored fewer than 20 points. More than half the time (13 of 24 games), the winning team has reached 40 points. Almost a third (seven times) have reached 50.

The Buffs are average 10.5 points in Big 12 conference play which is good for dead last in the league, a full 10 points behind Baylor.

The Buffs going to try something creative like gadget plays? According to the Denver Post they are:

"We had a couple against Missouri that we didn't end up using, based on the situation," Helfrich said. "So we just kept them in our pocket for down the road."

Better learn to run our base stuff first.

This just makes me want to hit someone (see bolded section):

Player to watch: WR Josh Smith.

One of CU's few breakaway threats, Smith ranks second among Big 12 players in all-purpose yards, behind only Missouri All-American Jeremy Maclin. But Smith has caught more than one pass in only one of the four conference games, when the sophomore averaged just 9 yards on four receptions against Missouri.

Woody Paige of the Denver Post gets all postive on the Buffs, making a claim that the Buffs could win the next four. Yes, he did finish his story with the phrase "put that in your pipe and smoke it."

A good article from the Boulder Daily Camera around the new & improved Texas A&M offense and QB Jerrod Johnson.