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Colorado Buffaloes vs Texas A&M Aggies: Reader Prediction Thread

Colorado_medium  VS.   Texas_am_old1_medium

Alright, tell us what you think about this weekend's game. It's a biggie for the Buffs chances at "showing progress" and getting to a bowl game. Have to think the Buffs pull it off this weekend, Iowa State should be a win and the Buffs can play loose against Nebraska. So what is your prediction for:

1) How many carries Darrell Scott will get this game?

2) Pick your quarterback right now: Tyler Hansen, Cody Hawkins, Matt Ballenger, Jordan Wynn or Clark Evans?

3) Texas A&M offensive production: Over or under their average over the last four games (440y/g)?

4) Colorado Buffaloes offensive production: Over or under their average over the past five games (265y/g - that is horrible, pee wee teams average that on a 50 yards field)?

5) What does the claim "simplify the CU offense" mean to you?

6) Buffs offense: Over or Under 14 points?

7) What is your Halloween costume this year? If you aren't celebrating Halloween this year in costume, what was your best costume ever?

8) Who will win this weekend: Texas Longhorns or Texas Tech Red Raiders?

9) Who will win this weekend: Colorado Buffaloes or Texas A&M Aggies?