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"The Moving On" Buff Bites

This writer from the Wall Street Journal (red flag for a sports source), has doubts about the Big 12 being a true contender for the national championship:

Based on recent statistical history, this season's national champion will not come from the Big 12. The last five Bowl Championship Series title-game winners all ranked among the country's top 10 in total defense.

 I love how he thinks that weak non-conference schedules have not tested the Big 12. Look at Texas's schedule so far: OU, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Missouri...does it get any harder than that? By the way, I think TCU gives USC a run for its money. Guy smells like a PAC 10 homer. Talk about non conference schedules, the PAC 10 got dominated by the Mountain West.

Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera takes a "first look" at Texas A&M. I especially like the stat that says Texas A&M has been giving up 3 sacks a game.

Aggies quarterback Jerrod Johnson has rapidly improved every week this season. Last week, Johnson threw four touchdowns and 381 yards in route to the Aggies first conference win this year over Iowa State.This title from the Denver Post says it all: "Just What the Buffs Need: Another Hot FOE at Quarterback." Sounds like two teams headed in different directions.

Once again, Dan Hawkins has said that both Cody and Tyler Hansen will rotate at quarterback. Two weeks was fine to rotate but it is time to hand over the reins to one or the other. It's like the Darrell Scott argument for this year: getting a rhythm. This offense needs continuity and players to get a rhythm. Put Hansen in there and let him play a full game. He has earned that right, his completion percentage was pretty impressive last week. Stick with Rodney Stewart or give Darrell Scott a chance to run for a whole game. The Buffs have too weak of an offensive scheme to get this cute. Start Hansen, start Stewart, start JFly and leave them in there the entire game. Or start Hawkins...never mind.

People keep saying the Big 12 North title is up for grabs. No it isn't. Mizzou will not lose another game and Nebraska will get smoked against OU this weekend. Kansas will lose to both Texas and Mizzou. This argument of Nebraska winning the Big 12 North is ludicrous.

A reporter final asked Dan Hawkins a tough question:

When asked why the offense on Saturday used few plays out of the I-formation, which freshmen running backs Rodney Stewart and Darrell Scott say they prefer, the coach said, "A lot of that has to do with plays you can run versus teams you're going against."

Well coach, what plays are we running that have been working from the spread? The Buffs are averaging 300 yards a game on offensive. And the last two opponents the Buffs have played have been ranked in the 100's in total defense. Coach, its not working.

From the Campus Press, AD Mike Bohn stands behind Dan Hawkins.