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Grading the Buffs (Lack of) Performance: Missouri Tigers vs Colorado Buffaloes

Guess what, I am not going to go into a lot of detail here at all. You know why, because it is a failure across the board. You look at the "Keys to the Game" and then what the Buffs actually did Saturday, I, at least, chuckled. Just a pathetic effort and display. Before Saturday, most fans were in the corner of the Buffs, still somewhat optimistic that with all the youth, injuries, tough name it, the Buffs were on the right track. After this weekend's game, I judge from you, the readers comments, and media outlets that many are growing very impatient. Each and every one of our prides were kicked in the face Saturday night. I think we all felt the punch to the gut that deflated our sails and sent us into a mode of questioning. I wish I could be at practice this week to see how Hawk is preparing these guys. Is there anger, accountability, frustration, pride on this team? I am beginning to question that. I question it because I don't see a leader. A gravitating voice among the players to call a team meeting and talk player on player. No one to set the forum to air things out and challenged the will of teammates. I don't see that player. That is the player who would get guys on the team excited during the game and motivated on the sidelines...again I don't see it. This team needs to find a leader...better said, someone needs to step up and become the leader.  The Texas A&M game will show us if this team has packed it in. 


The grades to Saturday's game after the jump....


CU logoStop the Missouri Running Game: The stats don't lie on this one. Games where Missouri has won: they averaged 193 yards on the ground. Games they have lost: 47 yards. 

  • Missouri rushed for 189 yards on 33 carries (5.8ypc) which was more than 5 ypc better than what they averaged against Texas and 2 ypc better than what they averaged against Oklahoma State. The 5.8 ypc was above what Mizzou has averaged for the year. The offense/special teams did not help the defense once again but the defensive game plan was bad enough to place most of the blame directly on the D.

    Buffs Grade: F

CU logoThe Air Up There: The Buffs have to be able to make headway through the passing game. Which means play Tyler Hansen the whole game. If Hanson gets hot and exposes a defense that is giving up 287 yards a game, the Buffs may just score more than 14 points this week. Mizzou is a superior team, to beat a superior team you have to do superior things.

  • Well, that was a bunch of hot air. Shame on me for having faith in the Buffs offense for getting better in the passing game overnight. I must have had too much kool-aid to drink after a win. Shame on me for thinking Stryker Sulak wouldn't tee up on the offensive line. Shame on me for thinking the Buffs would throw the ball farther than 10 yards down the field. The Buffs averaged 4.0 y/att and totaled on 158 yards on 34 pass attempts. That 158 yards was 129 yards below the Tiger average for the year. To give you an idea how bad 4.0 y/att is, Mizzou averages over 9. The entire year the Buffs haven't had one game over 7.3 y/att and that was against CSU. That stat screams no playmakers.

    Buffs Grade: F
    Irish1611's Grade for Making that a "Key to the Game": F

CU logoAccount for Chase Coffman:

  • Did the Buffs account for anyone:
    Chase Coffman: 7 catches, 50 yards and 1 TD
    Jeremy Maclin: 11 catches, 134 yards and 2 TD

    Someone forgot to tell the Buffs about these guys

    Buffs Grade: F

CU logo  7 points not 3 points/Win the Special Teams Battle:

  • This one made me laugh the most. First off, the Buffs didn't have the choice between 7 or 3 points as they didn't have any points. Second, the Buffs lost the special teams battle in the first 3 minutes of the game Saturday. First was the great idea of the squib kick that allowed Mizzou to have a 57 yard field. They properly scored in a couple plays. Then the Buffs brought in backup punter Tom Suazo and he subsequently dropped the ball and allowed Mizzou to start on the Buffs 5 yard line.

    Buffs Grade: F

CU logoChallenge the Will of Mizzou:

  • Mizzou and challenged don't belong in the same sentence when talking about Saturday's game. The Buffs allowed Mizzou to get right back on track easily. As most are describing the game, the Buffs were the perfect medicine for the Tigers.

    Buffs grade: F