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The Depressing Buff Bites

There is one thing I agree with Coach Hawkins about regarding last weekend's game, kicking a field goal at the end would have been tacky. That is something Tyrone Willingham and the Washington Huskies did this year against OU and it was a complete mockery. The Buffs put up 199 yards of offense the whole game. That warrants being shutout. Plus, did we really think K Aric Goodman would have made it. He hasn't made a field goal in 5 games since he got a scholarship. You know special teams coach Kent Riddle was excited that Hawk tried to go for a TD, probably saved his job.

2.9 yards/play against the 100th ranked defense in the nation.

Hansen directed nine drives and 45 plays with the offense averaging 2.9 yards per play. Hawkins directed four drives and 24 plays with the offense averaging 2.9 yards per play.

Well, Dan Hawkins has crawled all the way up to #9 on Coaches Hot I also saw a fire AD Mike Bohn web site sprout up Sunday. Things are heating up quickly. This could be a reason why he is on the hot seat in there mind:

Compounding this week's challenge, CU now travels to Kyle Field, one of college football's rowdiest venues. Despite the Aggies' 3-5 start, around 82,000 people are still expected to attend the game. CU has yet to win a road game in three tries in 2008. The Buffs are 2-12 in games played out of state during Hawkins' tenure.

Too bad our offense is horrible. For the third consecutive week the Buffs will play a team outside the top 100 in total defense. Texas A&M is 103rd, giving up 431 yards/game. But Mizzou's defense was 100th last week and now they are 87th. The Buffs can improve a team in the middle of the year 13 spots. That is really hard to jump 13 spots with 8 games already played. As for the CU offense, the Buffs are treading water on that Mason-Dixon line of average 300 yards/game ranking 101st. Slick Rick and UCLA is 102nd.

Odd, but Texas A&M's defense allowing the Cyclones 35 points (and still winning) was a high-water mark: It was the lowest number the Aggies have allowed this season in Big 12 play. They entered the game yielding an average of 47.2 points in three previous conference games.

Texas A&M (3-5, 1-3) and Iowa State (2-6, 0-4) accounted for 1,083 yards in total offense, with the Cyclones out gaining the Aggies 574-509. First-year Aggies coach Mike Sherman called the game "very unique. I've never experienced a game like this in my life."

I am glad the Buffs decided to shake up the punting competition against Mizzou early in the game by putting in backup punter, Tom Suazo. Suazo went on to drop the ball on the first punt of the game on the Buffs own 5 yard line. Saturday was a catastrophe on special teams, offense and defense. A total meltdown.

Is Air Force the best team in the state of Colorado. This Denver Post writer makes the case for consideration. It would be hard to argue. Calhoun and the Falcons were supposed to be rebuilding this year with a ton of youth. All I know is that Air Force football is better to watch than CU football right now. Personally, I hope the Buffs never schedule a game with Air Force because there style can beat a lot of teams with discipline. If we have to play a team in state, keep it the Rammies.

Oh those silly Huskers thinking they are going to win the Big 12 North. Going to be hard when Mizzou won't lose another game and the Corn will get blown up this weekend by OU. By the way, did anybody catch Bo Pelini's halftime interview on the radio Saturday. Is he the biggest a-hole in college football now that Lloyd Carr got fired left Michigan? What crawled up this guy. I will tell you I would like to see a little more fire out of Dan Hawkins. Maybe Pelini can give some o