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"The Team Goals Are Friggin’ Out the Window" Buff Bites

So the CU vs Mizzou line is up to 24.5 points. I am now scared for Saturday. Can the Buffs really lose by 24.5 points? I am trying to figure out what the line would have been if Mizzou was 7 - 0. I am wondering if the betters have bought into the "be ready at 5:30" motto out of Missouri. This spread is bigger than the Oklahoma game last year. The Kansas City Star picks the Tigers 52 - 14. picks Mizzou 45 - 14. That is good because most of the time I look at this site's predictions it is wrong.

Ooohhh...I am scared. How much would you like to beat these clowns just so I can see this guys reaction?:

After what has happened to Missouri on consecutive Saturdays perhaps the worst thing to be just now is a Colorado Buffalo.

"The team goals are friggin’ out the window," said Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel. "It’s do-or-die time.


Because of that — if things go the way Missouri coach Gary Pinkel intends — it is the Buffaloes who may be on the list of endangered species.

A little dramatic Mike DeArmond and from what I have read this weak, he is Mr. Dramatic.

This writer from the Examiner thinks that getting Missouri running back Derrick Washington needs to get going if the Tigers are going to be successful again this year:

Against the Cowboys, the man they call D-Wash was a non-factor in the Tigers’ 28-23 upset loss, carrying the ball only eight times for 11 yards. A week later in Austin, Washington’s absence, though slightly more excusable considering Missouri’s 32-point halftime deficit, was still noticeable: 17 yards on seven carries. Eeeeek!

At one time this year, Washington led the nation in scoring earlier. I am expecting a heavy dose of Washington this weekend

I like you Josh Smith, but you are not Jeremy Maclin...

Third on the Big 12 all-purpose yards list is Smith (160.3), who compares himself favorably to Maclin.

"Very talented dude," Smith said. "We're often compared a lot. He's got the speed up to par, nice hands. And we do a lot of the same things, special teams, and just going out and making plays for your team and being depended upon and being able to deliver."

In honor of The Ralphie Report's start of college basketball previews, here is the Boulder Daily Camera's five things to watch this year in the Big 12. A weak list overall but the #5 is funny:

5. CU vs. Cupcakes. The young Buffs will try to stockpile some wins and confidence against the likes of Montana State, Prairie View A&M and Western State before Big 12 play begins. NIT or bust?

In other news, the Buffs have already lost a player, junior forward Trent Beckley will miss the upcoming season with a lumbar spine stress fracture. Beckley played in ten games last year.

It's Friday, so turn up your speakers and play this song really loud. That's what I'm going to do anyway...

Sunset Rubdown - The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life