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The "Freshness" Buff Bites

I like Coach Hawk but this a crap answer regarding Josh Smith's playing time for this week's media luncheon:

On if it is a Priority to Get WR Josh Smith More Touches

"Yeah, but again, you reach a point where a guy is your punt returner and your kick returner, your deep threat; at some point you have to be judicious about allowing him to be fresh and know what he's doing, to keep him going as well."

Jeremy Maclin and Dez Bryant both play on special teams and are the featured wide receivers for there team. If "freshness" is a problem, don't play him on special teams but someone else back there. The Buffs need offensive help.

The Columbia Tribune breaks down the game this weekend by unit and who has the advantage. Of course, Mizzou gets the nod in every category. I wouldn't sleep on the Buffs defense against the run this weekend. I think the Buffs may have the advantage there.

Mizzourah, a Missouri blog, feels that Jeremy Maclin will be back next year after being overshadowed in part by Daniel, Washington and Coffman this year, especially in prime time games. With Colt McCoy declaring that he will be back next year, it looks like the Big 12 will be just as hard next year.

Tim Griffin of ESPN thinks Mizzou in a blow out this weekend. Who doesn't think Missouri in a blow out? No one is keeping the Buffs within 20. It could be a depressing weekend. But hey at least the Broncos don't play and make it a double whammy. The key for the Buffs is to deal a few blows early this Saturday and make Mizzou respond. I still think Mizzou is a team on edge right now and a couple things go the Buffs way early, Daniel might get erratic.

CU QB commit Jordan Wynn has his Oceanside ranked #1 in San Diego, #10 in the West and #56 in the nation. Wynn was highlighted last week as one of rivals top sleepers as a kid with a great arm and tons of leadership qualities.

ESPN has released a video of CU commit DT Nosa Eguae from Texas. For all of those who don't have a rivals or scout account, this might be your first time seeing him.

In honor of tonight's Kings of Leon concert here in Denver is an old school track that is one of my favorites.

Kings of Leon - Day Old Blues