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Phil Steele's All Big 12 Midseason Teams - Offense

So these lists have been out for a week or so but they are still interesting conversation pieces to see where Phil Steele had Buffs placed and whether or not you agree with where Steele had the rest of the Big12 at. First off, here is the offensive teams. Not a lot of Buffs on them and I can't fault Steele for it. That is what you get when you are dead last in the conference in all most major offensive categories.

1st Team Offense 2nd Team Offense 3rd Team Offense
QB Colt McCoy Texas Chase Daniel, Mizzou Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
RB Kendall Hunter, OSU Rodney Stewart, Colorado Keith Toston, OSU
RB Derrick Washington, Mizzou DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma Mike Goodson, A&M
WR Michael Crabtree, TT Kerry Meier, Kansas Quan Cosby, Texas
WR Dez Bryant, OSU Brandon Banks, Kansas St. Jordan Shipley, Texas
WR Jeremy Maclin, Mizzou Manuel Johnson, Oklahoma Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma
TE Chase Coffman, Mizzou Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma Ryan Tannehill, A&M
C Jon Cooper, Oklahoma Daniel Sanders, Colorado David Washington, OSU
OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma Cedric Dockery, Texas Adrian Mayes, Kansas
OG Brandon Carter, TT Louis Vasquez, TT Matt Slauson, Nebraska
OT Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma Lydon Murtha, Nebraska Rylan Reed, TT
OT Russell Okung, OSU Adam Ulatoski, Texas Colin Brown, Missouri

KR Perrish Cox, OSU Josh Smith, Colorado Niles Paul, Nebraksa
PR Dez Bryant, OSU Eric Morris, TT Deon Murphy, Kansas St


Commentary on Steele's picks after the jump...

In case you aren't a believer in the Big 12 and the quarterbacks that are in it, Steele's three Big 12 teams should change that. Sam Bradford on the third team! Sam Bradford on the third team! He won't be on the third team when it is all said and done but that is amazing. Graham Harrell was Steele's 3rd team (b) choice but I left him off because this is for three quarterbacks only. It is so hard to evaluate the Big 12 quarterbacks and separate the top 3. For example, below is a ranking based on passing efficiency. Five of the Big 12 quarterbacks are in the top 10 nationally in passer rating and I would put Todd Reesing stat's against Sam Bradford's any day which he is only lacking in touchdown passes. And look at Colt McCoy's completion percentage. Baffling. I think you move Bradford to second team for now and Harrell to third team but it is hard to keep Chase Daniel and Reesing out of the list. And then there is Zach Robinson. What do you do with him? He is averaging the most yards/attempt of any Big 12 quarterback and is right behind Bradford in second for quarterback rating. Unbelievable.

Rank Player Cl Patt Pcomp CompPct Int PYds YdsAtt TDs Rating Natl
1 Sam Bradford, OU SO 238 170 71.43 5  2,520 10.59 26 192.22 2
2 Zac Robinson, OSU JR 134 94 70.15 4  1,488 11.1 14 191.93 3
3 Colt McCoy, Texas JR 197 160 81.22 3  1,894 9.61 19 190.76 4
4 Chase Daniel, Missouri SR 249 189 75.9 5  2,373 9.53 18 175.8 5
5 Graham Harrell, Tec SR 318 222 69.81 5  2,761 8.68 23 163.47 8
6 Joe Ganz, Nebraska SR 224 157 70.09 6  1,967 8.78 12 156.17 12
7 Todd Reesing, Kansas JR 280 195 69.64 5  2,322 8.29 17 155.77 15
8 Josh Freeman, KSU JR 210 131 62.38 2  1,746 8.31 12 149.17 21
9 Robert Griffin, Baylor FR 155 94 60.65 0  1,271 8.2 9 148.69 22
10 Jerrod Johnson, A&M JR 184 114 61.96 4  1,372 7.46 11 139.97 34
11 Austen Arnaud, Iowa St. SO 198 118 59.6 4  1,200 6.06 8 119.8 65
12 Cody Hawkins, Colorado SO 202 114 56.44 6  1,051 5.2 11 112.17 89

As for the Running back position, Rodney Stewart has a great chance to be first team in my opinion. With the down years of DeMarco Murray and Marlon Lucky, Stewart currently ranks second in yards/game and total rushing yards in the Big 12. Only if he had more touchdowns to get closer to Missouri's Derrick Washington (12 touchdowns), then he would be on the first team. One thing also going against Stewart is that he is only averaging 6.4 yards/game receiving. The Buffs need to get the ball in his hands on screen passes and quick flips out of the backfield to stretch what feels like a constrained offense. I am shocked how little the Buffs feature the running backs in the passing game.

At wide receiver, Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe will challenge for first team after his game against Oklahoma. He is not even in the top 9 WR's in Steele's list. Hard to argue with any of the WR selections other than adding Briscoe. Do you know that Josh Smith is the #29 ranked WR in the Big 12 when evaluated based on yards per game? 29th! 40.4 yards/game. That is how bad the Buffs' offense has been this year.

On the offensive line, I think it is time to drop Oklahoma tackle Phil Loadholt off the first team. That OU line isn't functioning like the top offensive line it was billed to be in the preseason. Texas DE Brian Orakpo wreaked havoc against OU and the running game hasn't gotten going as much as they would have liked. Good to see Daniel Sanders of the Buffs get some love on the second team. It is going to be hard to pass OU center Jon Cooper to get to first team. Lineman don't usually move much from their preseason ranking. Sanders has consistently graded out as the Buffs best offensive lineman.

As for special teams, it is hard to take either Dez Bryant or Perrish Cox from OSU off the first team as they have been big impact players but a couple good games here and there, I could see Josh Smith moving to the first team. Smith currently ranks 3rd in the Big 12 and 17th in the nation in All Purpose yards average 160 yards/game. Just think if he actually played instead of sitting on the bench most of the game on offense. That being said he is still the Buffs leading wide receiver. Next year, we could be looking at a national top 10 all purpose player in Smith.

What are your thoughts on Steele's offensive teams? Hard to find a lot to disapprove of in my opinion.