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The Ralphie Report College Pick'em Week 8

I can't believe it is already Week 9 of the college football season...week 9. Just hasn't sunk in yet that we are half way over with the college football season. Congrats to letsgoavs1921 as he had the best score of the week going 11 - 4  which propelled him into the top 5 overall standings from 11th the week before. That is because the leaders had a struggle. With bigcountry finishing at 7 - 8 for the week, you would have thought the guys in second and third place would have closed the gap but sadly for us, no such luck as a lot of us were in that same range. Congrats again to letsgoavs. We had a ton of people go 10 - 5 this week as well


click the link below to see the overall standings...

Like I said before overall, no one really made a move on bigcountry that was in the top 3 last week. bigcountry still holds a five game lead on everyone but at least we know that he is human now. Grandpa Buffalo had a good week moving into second and gaining three points. Below are the overall standings: