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"Chase Daniel Needs A Hug" Buff Bites

I am a huge Broncos fan, so forgive me, I am in a fragile state this morning which is the reason for the delay in the "Buff Bites." Teetering on throwing my computer off the 4th floor of the office building. Good thing is now I know what disappointment is in the 2008 year and the Buffs have not disappointed as much as the stupid Broncos did last night. Feel free to vent in the comments today for all you Broncos fans who have already vented on Mile High Report but felt it was not sufficient enough (This is me now officially getting off my soap box). Now for Buff Bites.

Former CU alum and current man in the running for the best job in America as an ESPN front man, Chris Fowler, felt it necessary to do this after Texas dismantled Missouri last week:

Classy gesture by ESPN’s Chris Fowler after the game. Between live interviews with McCoy and Texas Coach Mack Brown, Fowler ran halfway across the field during a commercial break to give Daniel a hug as the Tigers filed into the locker room. He probably needed it.

Hey, you could probably say that CU played Texas better than Missouri did. Don't know exactly if that proves anything but hey, the Buffs are 22 point underdogs. What do we have to lose by saying that.

Damn, no TV for the Texas A&M vs Colorado game in two weeks. First time this year I won't be able to watch the game and second time for all of you that live in Colorado (only other non-televised game was Eastern Washington).

Missouri's defense worse than Kansas State's? Probably not but it is close. Check this out from Kyle Ringo's article in the Daily Camera:

Who's Not Hot

The Missouri defense has given up 993 yards of total offense and 84 points in the past two weeks. The Tigers have allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 49 of 61 pass attempts in those two games and 390 rushing yards. Mizzou has fallen to 114th in passing defense and 100th in total defense in the nation.

The new Missouri motto - 'Our attitude is ‘5:30 on Saturday.’ Apparently Coach Pinkel didn't think that the Tigers were ready for the Texas game.

I would suggest that everyone in my organization in this building focus everything they’ve got on 5:30 Saturday afternoon,” Gary Pinkel told reporters. “I think that’s exactly where every bit of focus should be. And if there’s any focus anywhere else, I don’t want them on the field.

I was on the Missouri bandwagon at the beginning of the year going as far to say that Oklahoma would be in trouble against Mizzou and that the Tigers were in my top 2 to win the national title but I am off that train. How can you not be prepared against the #1 team in the nation after a loss at home to Oklahoma State? Now I realize why I was chastised for saying Missouri would be dominant this year.

Somewhere along the way Missouri lost its focus according to Mizzou players.