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Buff Bites: The Booze Belly Edition?

Saturday will be here before we all know it. Would love to bring to Longhorns' down a notch or two...maybe three.

Is it me or do you need a device to sneak alcohol into sporting events? These CU Grad students are charging 12.95 for a product called the "Booze Belly" that will conceal 750ml of alcohol on your stomach to sneak into sporting events. Good idea, probably going to make a lot of money. So much for girls wearing tight shirts to games, though...thanks guys. Let me give you a suggestion that will save you $12.95. It's called Vodka boobs or whatever alcohol you want. Simply find your coed and fill up a ziploc full of booze and stuff the old bra. No security guard is going to search that area.  


Hawkins on the CU injuries: "Football is like a microcosm of life, nobody said it would be fair." Love this guy. No excuses, go play football. How about this one: "So if you want to spend time handing out game balls 'cause you beat West Virginia or having a funeral 'cause you lost to Florida State, that's wrong. You just keep re-pooling, re-tooling, working it out."

What about this from the Daily Camera?

Hawkins said he could not confirm nor deny whether he was the one voter in the USA Today Coaches' poll who voted Texas No. 1 this week.

Also DE Jason Brace will miss his second consecutive game due to a concussion. OL Ethan Adkins returns from his suspension after he was arrested for driving under the influence. Adkins will not see action this week.

Anyone sick of hearing about this "Q package" that Texas supposedly runs? Talk about the most hyped formation with the least amount of results. For those of you who don't know, it is this little pacakge that is supposed to get Texas backup quarterback John Chiles on the field with Colt McCoy. Please Texas, keep running it. Any time you take the ball out of McCoy's hands would be welcomed by all Buffs fans.

Buffs looking to exploit Texas' youth in the defensive backfield and try to sure up punt & kickoff coverage. Buffs cannot lose the special teams game this week if they want any chance to win the game. Defense and special teams both need to be the offenses' best friend.

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