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Initial Post Game Reaction - Colorado Buffaloes Beat Kansas State


CU logo
CU logo
CU logo
Score 13 14
1st Downs 15 24
3rd down efficiency 3-15 7-17
Total Yards 349 353
Passing 237 106
Comp-Att 20-41 13-25
Yards per pass 5.8 4.2
Rushing 112 247
Rushing Attempts 23 57
Yards per rush 4.9 4.3
Penalties 9-84 6-54
Turnovers 2 2
Fumbles lost 2 1
Interceptions thrown 0 1
Possession 22:39 36:21

Well, it wasn't exactly pretty or dominant but it was a win and a good win at that on multiple levels. A more in depth review will come tomorrow but here are few key points that allowed the Buffs to come out with the victory and ultimately a season saving victory:

  • CU Coaching: Except for the fourth down attempt with a little over a minute to play, I thought the game plan and coaching was unbelievable. The offense isn't going to be dynamic. Flat out not going to happen with an injured offensive line and bunch of young players but the use of true freshman quarterback Tyler Hansen in the "true spread offense" produced just enough offense to win the game and provide a mismatch upfront. On defense, the score speaks for itself. This Kansas State team averages over 40 points a game on offense and well over 400 yards. The Buffs attacked and attacked all night, keeping Kansas State Wildcats off balance. Just an excellent scheme against a tough offensive match up. The Buffs blitz from multiple spots on the field.
  • True freshman QB Tyler Hansen gave this Buffs team a spark. Great running. Definitely had a limited playbook but that was expected. I loved the spread with a running option at quarterback. Once we get an offensive line and play makers, it could be good. Speaking of quarterbacks, I know Cody is much maligned but that throw on 3rd down to Josh Smith late in the fourth quarter was huge. And he is a leader. Loved his leadership even when Hansen was in there. Great kid.
  • Rodney Stewart continues to be the best running back and it isn't even close right now. He hits the hole and played wonderful getting big chunks of yards. And how about that late run where he fought for the extra yard for a first down. That is one of the players making a play that the Buffs needed. And congrats the Mr. Stewart for his first touchdown as a Buff! Darrell Scott still isn't right. He isn't hitting the hole hard yet. It is something that will come. Maybe the Buffs need to line him up in the "I" formation to get him going better but clearly the hot hand is Stewart right now. Just hold onto the ball big fella or little fella.
  • Defense, defense, defense. Like I said, great scheme but the up field push was great all night. There was a lot of pressure from the front four and the blitz. The defense is clearly the reason the Buffs won the game tonight. I thought Brad Jones and Cha'pelle Brown were great. Jones put constant pressure on all night. Cha'pelle, Jalil Brown, Gardner McKay and Ryan Walters all had their moments.  They made Josh Freeman look somewhat normal and that is hard to do. Freeman was less than 50% through the air and obviously had one of his most unproductive days.
  • Crucial turnovers was key as well. I thought the Buffs answered the call all night on defense. Making big plays and forcing many turnovers. I am gitty over the way the defense played.
  • The Buffs reached the 50 rush total just like the Ralphie Report said they should do and it was effective, gaining 247 yards. That led to 14 more minutes of time of possession and really kept the Kansas State offense out of rhythm. Just like we said would happen.
  • Special teams still needs to be fixed. Bad punting, a blocked field goal, a missed field goal...that sort of stuff could get you beat.
  • I am glad Josh Smith is okay after what was one of the dirtiest hits I have ever seen when he was trying to field a punt and Attrail Snipes undercut him after the ball flew into the end zone. It wasn't even debatable that he was going in there with the intent to injure or he was just plain stupid...guess what, he was one of the prized JUCO commits that Kansas State was so proud of this off season. He should have been ejected and should be suspended. No room for that in football.
  • The Buffs made big plays tonight...plain and simple. From the Hawkins completion to Smith, forcing Kansas State to go 3 - 15 on third down to forcing timely turnovers. Just what the Buffs needed.

All in all a great win. We would love your feedback on what we missed. 4 - 3. Two wins away from bowl eligibility. Mizzou up next and they aren't exactly invincible. Go Buffs!