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Friday Buff Bites

Yes! We are finally through this long week. It's been quiet around the news room this week for Buff football. Everyone got spoiled/over worked with the wicked stretch of West Virginia, Florida State, Texas and Kansas. Seems like the reporters took off this week. Again, you look at that list of opponents and go, "Wow." What the hell were they thinking when they put that schedule together?

The Denver Post put out a nice diagram of the rocky mountain region college coaches and how they like to handle the art of the quarterback pull. Looks like every team in the region is struggling at the quarterback position. My only question is how did CSU hold that TCU team that pummeled BYU last night to 14 points? Its a crazy game. 

Colorado QB commit Clark Evans continues to tear it up for his Los Alamitos team, who improved to 6 - 0. Clark, who leads a nationally ranked team according to, went 13 - 15 for 266 yards and 4 touchdowns. So far this year, Evans has 27 touchdowns (19 by air, 8 by ground).

Kansas State coach Ron Prince has coached three years at Kansas State. He has started 4 - 2 in each of the three years. He has lost in game 7 every year that he has coached. Lets hope the Buffs make it a perfect 3 for 3.

The Boulder Daily Camera looks at the differences of recruiting methodologies at Colorado and Kansas State. Personally, if we can get more players like LB Shaun Mohler, keep getting some of those JUCO players.

The Rocky Mountain News' "Stat that matters":

Of the six kicks blocked by Kansas State this season, four have been blocked punts that were returned for touchdowns. In the Big 12 era, the Wildcats have blocked 47 kicks.

Hey, the Kansas City Star picks the Buffs 34 - 28:

This is a winnable game for K-State, but don’t believe the hype. The Wildcats’ defense will make Colorado’s offensive woes a thing of the past. Expect a lot from freshmen running backs Rodney Stewart and Darrell Scott as K-State still hasn’t proved it can stop the run — at least when someone commits to it.

The Longmont Times reports that Drew Hudgins, a potential starter at defensive end before he tore his ACL in preseason camp & ruptured his Achilles tendon in 2007, will not return to the team next year:

Hawkins said defensive end Drew Hudgins, injured in fall camp, will not return to the team. Hudgins, who missed 2007 with a ruptured Achilles’ tendon and suffered a torn ACL in August, will complete his degree and then move on, Hawkins said.

Thanks goodness it's almost the weekend...

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