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"The Darrell Scott Saga Continues" Buff Bites

I don't think I have ever seen anything like what is going on right now with Darrell Scott and the CU coaching staff. Of course, we don't know the whole story and you know there is more to the story than what is currently out there right now. All I have to say is the first year of DScott has been confusing on many evels. The sad thing is that now I am starting to shift the blame from the coaches for playing Scott if he was supposedly" injured" to now blaming Scott. I blame Scott for the line that coaches start using when you play pee-wee football: there is a difference between being hurt and injured. Who knows the whole story but if your injured, don't play and the coaches should know that and make that call. If you are hurt, you play through it. It is as simple as that. Is the issue maturity, is it toughness, preparation, dedication? I hate to bring these things up and I am not going to label Scott's problems as any of those yet but this second half of the season now seems like he needs to prove to himself and more importantly, his coaches that he is the man for the job. Who would have thought Scott needed to prove anything to anybody? But he does now.

Here are the quotes by Coach Hagan that has got me a little nervous about Scott in today's Daily Camera:

"Every little nick is bothersome for him, and he don’t understand that as long as you’re playing this game of football, you’re never going to get healthy, so might as well just fight it out, go as hard as you can and keep pressing on. If you start babying yourself, then this game ain’t for you. But this week he’s been good."

When asked about Hagan’s philosophy and tough love approach prior to Wednesday’s practice, Scott shrugged it off as a coach being a coach.

"Honestly, you don’t pay attention to him," Scott said. "You just do your best and try to recover fast. I’m not worried about him, I’m worried about me.

"I don’t care if he’s questioning me. I know my limits and I know what I can do."

I also think CU needs to put a muzzle on Scott. Until he does something on the field, he shouldn't be saying things like "I don't care if he's questioning me." It doesn't reflect well on him, Hagan or the program. Its beginning to look like a wasted season for sure.

Tim Griffin of ESPN picks the Big 12 games this weekend. He is giving the benefit of the doubt to the Kansas State defense being able to have more success than the CU offense. I really can't blame him but as a Buff fan, you have to hope CU wins that battle or we could be looking at one more win for the rest of the year. Here is Griffin's mid season report for Kansas State for educational purposes.

Seems like Ron Prince is having to provide the same coach speak that Dan Hawkins is doing with the media here in Boulder. The truth is, both programs are not that good.

But now, after a 44-30 victory against an underwhelming Texas A&M team that lost its season opener to Arkansas State, all is well?

"The reality is, we’re not nearly as bad as all of you think, and probably not as good as people now think this week," Prince said. "We’re the same team. We just went out and made a few more plays."

Here is an interesting statistic regarding Kansas State. Chalk it up as one of the keys to beating the 'Cats:

The University of Houston sports information department conducted a survey this week of Division I programs to see which starting offenses have produced the fewest number of three-and-out possessions in the first half of the season.

The Buffs’ next two opponents are among the top four.

Now that my computer is back and fixed we can continue with our Daily Jams.  We are really need the skill players to show up this weekend for the Buffs to pull off a victory.

Gang Starr - Skills