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Colorado Buffaloes Mid Season Report - TRR Style

Alright dedicated readers of The Ralphie Report. We need your help. Let's assess how we feel about the Buffs so far through Tuesday, October 14th. We will comment/grade/suggest our opinions on a number of subjects all relating to the Buffs (could be any sport) at the halfway point. This won't be your typical review. We will try and keep it as light as possible as we know we could go down that same depressing path around Cody Hawkins and the Buffaloes offense. When we get enough of your comments, we will throw together the best of the best responses along with our own! Let the games begin.

1)  In 20 words or less, what player has been the biggest surprise on offense, what player has been the biggest disappointment of offense that is not named Cody Hawkins? It's hard, I know!

2)  In 20 words or less, do the same for the defense.

3)  Keep the spread offense or dump the spread like your high school prom date?

4)  What is the number of wins the Buffs have left in them? Remaining schedule is Kansas State, @ Mizzou, @ Texas A&M, Iowa State, Oklahoma St and @ the Fuskers.

5)  Bump Set Spike! Who is the cutest senior CU Buff Volleyball player below (only number needed). Yes, they are all seniors so it isn't illegal. Sorry if any of our readers are the father of these ladies, its all in good fun I promise. Hey it might actually increase attendance. Public service is a hobby of ours! For additional pictures go here. Pictures compliments of


6)  Which Buff would you rather have? WR Josh Smith or RB Rodney Stewart

7)  How many years will Dan Hawkins be the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes?

8)  More wins in the 2008 - 2009 season: CU Football Team or CU Basketball Team?

9) Finish the sentence (less than 30 words): In 2010, Darrell Scott will be...

10) You are celebrating a Buffs win. What is your beverage of choice?

11) The "I Have A Dream" Question. For example, like in The Ralphie Report Buff Bites today, I said, "I have a dream that one day the Buffs will have a quarterback in the top tier of the Big 12, I have a dream!" What is your Buffs dream...think BIG! (under 50 words).

12) Your favorite CU Buff player of all-time?


I realize half of these questions aren't related to football but hey, we could all use a break after the last three games! Spread the world to other Buff fans that you know to get this thing rocking full of good answers about how Buff Nation feels. Enjoy