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"The Big 12 is in Trouble" Buff Bites

Last week it was Todd Reesing, this week it is Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman. The Buffs are the big O-fer against these two quarterbacks going win-less in the five contests.

Again, if a Big 12 team wants to put their star quarterback at risk like Texas does, the Buffs need to hit Freeman hard every time he crosses the line of scrimmage. Last week Freeman added another dimension to his game, rushing 18 times for 95 yards and 4 touchdowns. Is Texas A&M that bad or is Josh Freeman that good?

I have a dream that one day the Buffs will have a quarterback in the top tier of the Big 12, I have a dream!

The Big 12 has a problem right now. On the surface it seems good but when it is all said and done, the Big 12 is just too good to be rewarded. What if Texas is upset this weekend by Missouri and Oklahoma State loses to OU. Texas Tech will certainly fall sometime, they always do. The Big 12 is now like the SEC and are, in essence, eliminating themselves. Penn State is a good team but who will test them? USC will probably run the table and without a conference championship game, these two schools may meet each other in the National Championship. It would be an absolute mockery of the game if any team other than the SEC and Big 12 is playing in the title game.

A pretty good synopsis of the Colorado Buffaloes season through the mid point by ESPN blogger, Tim Griffin. As I commented on in a previous round table, Cha'pelle Brown has been as solid as they come so far this year and has exceeded expectations. A couple weeks ago I gave the offensive MVP to Rodney Stewart but Josh Smith has definitely supplanted him as the #1 player on this offense and this Buff team. Josh Smith has been the difference between wins and losses this year. It's like Tim said, win three of the next four, things are rosy in Colorado.

Mack Brown does his best to try and get moved to the #2 spot to avoid the curse of #1 this year (OU and USC both lost at the #1 spot). Could Mizzou rebound and beat Texas?

The Longmont Times tries to defend the Kansas State Wildcat defense, saying that they are improving. The stats don't lie. The Wildcats have given up over 500 yards to there last four opponents.

Have all of you checked out the Recruiting Section on the right side of the page? Hopefully you are finding it useful as there has been some good news that past couple of days about 4 star recruits Edward Nuckols and Bryce McNeal as well as James Johnson.

It looks like the jig is up on Kansas as they are now 19.5 point underdogs to Oklahoma this weekend. I feel for Denverjhawk when I write this but the line has jumped 2 points since it opened yesterday. I didn't think the #15 team in the nation could lose by 19 points.