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Early Big 12 Lines

Colorado (-2.5) vs Kansas State
-I am nervous about this game...can we really outscore Kansas State? Remember what happened last year? Is this as close of a must win as Dan Hawkins has ever had? Kansas State has given up 500 yards in its last 4 games...500 yards! If there was ever a week for the offense to get a little bit of a rhythm, Kansas State would be it.

Texas Tech (-21.5) @ Texas A&M
-That's a lot of points, but Texas Tech is probably the pick here

Nebraska (-6) @ Iowa State
-The Huskers looked good last week until they blew it in overtime. Iowa State is bad bad bad.

Oklahoma (-18) vs Kansas

-I would love to know Stoops stats after a loss. I feel for Kansas this weekend. Oklahoma won't let Reesing sit back there like CU did this last weekend. The Sooners loss of LB Ryan Reynolds will be huge for the rest of the year. They don't have an able backup linebacker.

Texas (-7) vs Missouri

-I was in the Missouri corner this season...they made a fool of me last weekend. They can redeem themselves with a win over Texas. Maybe the #1 ranking is the curse this year like the #2 ranking was last must hope!

Oklahoma State (-16.5) vs Baylor
-How impressive was OSU's front four? Did you know that OSU's QB Zach Robinson played about 30 miles from the Colorado campus? Thanks Gary Barnett