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"Trying to Eliminate the Clutter" Buff Bites

I guess the Buffs offense needs to be "dumbed down" according the offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich:

“We were meeting about trying to eliminate that mental clutter and just let our guys go and play with confidence.”

Mental clutter? Well at least the coaches finally see that they need another game plan. This article is an eye opener. The Buffs rank last in the Big 12 in every single offensive category. CU has lost 60 yards of offense compared to last year (310 vs 370 y/g). I think this comment hits it on the head though:

Opposing defenses are pressing the line of scrimmage in a similar fashion to 2006, unafraid of CU’s ability to stretch the field. They’re also substituting, which the no-huddle was supposed to stop, or at least hinder.

But offensive help might be on the way as Kansas State rolls into town. Now if the Buffs don't get even 400 yards against these guys, its time for a change somewhere whether quarterback or coordinator. We should be able to out gain Louisiana-Lafayette, right?

Each of Kansas State's past four opponents, including Louisiana-Lafayette, gained at least 500 yards on the Wildcats.

How sad is it that Baylor is now considered a better team than the Colorado Buffaloes? Baylor? Man, what a good quarterback can do for a team. College football is a quarterback's game and right now, CU doesn't have one.

Well Ralphie Report readers how should we interpret this?

"Darrell Scott is not healthy," running backs coach Darian Hagan said, when asked about the bum ankle. "Until he gets healthy, he can't help us. Somehow, some way, we have to get that guy going. . . . When the freshman wakes up, he'll wake up."

Said Scott: "I should be able to bounce back next week."

Is it an injury, is Scott not prepared...what is he? Hagan's comments reek of something else going on.

If the Buffs and Buffs' fans needed anymore reason to play Josh Smith more, here you go:

Smith’s 198 all-purpose yards Saturday gave him 1,016 in 2008. He’s the 10th Buff this decade to reach 1,000 all-purpose yards in a season this decade.

And that is with only half of the season gone. PLAY JOSH SMITH AT WIDE RECEIVER HAWKINS!