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Mid-Week Buff Bites

Nothing beats a night game in Boulder.  Three more days to get through until all day tailgating time and an overconfident Longhorn team.

After a disappointing loss to Florida State, fans have been calling for answers and fixes to the problems that plagued the Buffaloes.

Now fans want a new quarterback, a new offensive game plan, a better defense and, while we're at it, the special teams coach's head on a platter.

But as Neil Woelk writes, the Buffs are 3-1 and entering the most crucial 3 game stretch of the season.  Three ranked teams in three weeks and a chance for Colorado to define the 2008 team.

Darrell Scott has obviously been a focal point of conversations this week, with many Longhorns claiming that they want "Darrell Scott in the game so Brian Orakpo can bury his helmet in his throat," but he is nearing 100% and expects to get more touches on Saturday.

Hagan believes Scott is ready for a breakout game and thinks it could come this week.

"We're going to give him a lot of touches in practice," Hagan said. "You'll see a different back on Saturday."

Matt Bahr, the redshirt freshman from Mission Viejo, California will be making his first start at right tackle this Saturday.  His play will go a long way towards Buffalo success.

Here is the schedule of events planned for the Texas alumni group this weekend.  The Ralphie Report does not condone the harrassment of Longhorn fans, but what you do on your own time is none of my damn business. :)

Crystal Castles - Magic Spells

Great news about a fantastic new SBNation feature after the jump!

SBNation has added a great new feature that turns the FanPost function of the networks sites into a much easier to browse, message board like format. Check it out and remember that The Ralphie Report is a community that needs your feedback to thrive. FanPosts are your forum to speak your opinion on the Buffs or College Football at large.

When we first released the new SB Nation platform and transitioned all your communities back in March-May this year, early feedback included many ideas on how we could make the active community conversations in FanPosts easier to follow. We kept notes and for the past few months our team kept talking about different ways to improve on what you find behind the 'FanPosts' tab in the top menu bar.

Today, we launched a new view of FanPosts: the List View. The key features are:

  • Just the facts - scan the list quickly instead of reading through full posts
  • Where is the party at? - the most recently active FanPosts, as determined by recent comments, are sorted to the top of the list by default
  • Forever popular - since FanPosts sometimes get pushed off the recommended list quickly, we added the ability to look at what was popular in different time frames - the last day, the last week, of all time (hall of fame)
  • Flexibility - there are now six different ways to look at FanPosts including the ability to switch back to the classic 'Full View' where we show the body of the post old-school style

As always, this is just a first step on a continued evolution. We figure you'll have some great feedback and we can work together to make sure FanPosts continue to be the best place to have in-depth conversations about your favorite team and sport. Please jump into the comments here and let us know what you think!