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Spring Recap: Wide Receivers


The Ralphie Report takes a look back at spring practice to assess each positions' performance. The wide receivers are up next.

Friday Buff Bites


Some good links out there today with all the Buffs' news yesterday. I interviewed the most recent Buff basketball commit, 6'7" Wing/G combo Marcus Relphorde, yesterday so look for that later today. ...

Dan Hawkins Promotes Eric Kiesau to Offensive Coordinator, Replacing Mark Helfrich


Hat tip to mam2jd for posting the link in my article published minutes before the announcement... According to Dave Plati of the CU SID, Dan Hawkins has named former Buffs WR coach, Eric Kiesau, the new offensive coordinator following the departure of Mark Helfrich to an unidentified school (Oregon). "I am very excited, this is something I’ve been preparing for my entire life," Kiesau said. "When I got the call when all this was shaking down, it’s a natural progression to move in that direction, especially with what we’re doing offensively. I’m honored that Coach Hawkins and (athletic director) Mike Bohn endorsed and supported me being the next coordinator to lead the offense. I am looking forward to providing direction and guidance as we move forward and continue our journey here at CU." Hawkins has a plan in the works to name a new receivers coach as soon as possible. Best option was to hire Kiesau considering the situation that it is almost May and fall ball is less than 100 days away. Hopefully Kiesau brings change to one of the worst offenses we have seen at Colorado the past few years. The offense should remain similar but I am sure Kiesau will have a few wrinkles of his own. I do have to say that I am pumped the recruiter Kiesau will now have the offensive coordinator tag. That could be a deadly combination if the Buffs start winning and he continues to recruit the way he has in the past. This will be the first time Kiesau will be in charge of an entire offense. Here is Kiesau's biography on cubuffs.com. Best of luck to Helfrich in his new endeavors at Oregon. He will be the new quarterback's coach for Chip Kelly.

Updates on the Oregon Search for an Off..I Mean QB Coach


The Ralphie Report discusses Mark Helfrich interviewing for the Oregon Ducks' quarterbacks' coach.

CU's Contract Structure the Talk of the Town


The news of Colorado Buffaloes offensive coordinator, Mark Helfrich, once again reminds us that CU is at a disadvantage when it comes to maintaining coaching talent.

Exciting WR News "Buff Bites"


Kyle Ringo of the BDC has a some exciting news regarding a former Michigan wide receiver possibly transferring to Colorado. Toney Clemons, a four star recruit in 2007 (same year as Markques Simas),...

Obligatory Celebration: Basketball is Over, Let Football Season Begin!


That was brutal. 9 wins. Jokingly, I put in State of the CUnion address some time last year what team would have more wins: football or basketball. Of course, basketball should have more wins but...

The Buffs Could Learn A Little From Last Night


The Colorado Buffaloes could learn a lot from the Utah Utes in their win over Alabama last night.

"Hawkins Should Be More Like McCartney" Buff Bites


You know what, if the Buffs had a problem with being too amped and excited for games then I would agree with Hawkins treating the Nebraska game like any other game. But lets face it, this Buffs...

Colorado Buffaloes vs Texas A&M Aggies: "Keys to the Game"


The Ralphie Report looks at today's keys to the game for the Colorado Buffaloes to come out with a victory against the Texas A&M Aggies.

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