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Where in the World is Dan Hawkins (Back to Boise?)


From Dave Plati's (Plati-tudes) column: 06/17/2011 As for the elder Hawkins, Dan, he and wife Misti are moving back to their house in Boise at the end of the month. He will be joining ESPN this fall in an analyst capacity on either TV or radio and is looking forward to it; he’s also working on his master’s in psychology from the University of Missouri (hopefully he won’t be charged FIVE times the tuition, if you get my drift).

Start the new coach wish lists..... at UNC Greeley


Univ Northern Colo fired their coach today. Downing will not be retained "University of Northern Colorado director of athletics Jay Hinrichs has notified head football coach Scott Downing he will not be retained as football coach of the Bears, effective immediately." Funny thing is, whose name is being tossed about as a possible replacement? As they say, this former Division 1 coach could just commute from Louisville to Greeley ... If he liked Parker Orms, maybe coaching his big brother Dylan would be the ticket.

Podcast: Head Coach Dan Hawkins Talks With 1510 The Score


Go to the podcast section in the middle of the page to listen to Hawkins talk about: -The Pac-10 switch -Recruiting the Pac-10 -CU Buffs quarterback competition (talked mostly about Hirschman, didn't really touch the other two quarterbacks) -Discomfort of coaching against Big 12 opponents next year -The learning curve against new Pac-10 opponents (Shapiro couldn't quite get that question out right) -Future scheduling (Hawkins said Pac-10 in 2011 with 9 conference games so you lose a preseason non-conference game) -Coach Hawkins on the hot seat (Hawk said better to be on the hot seat than no seat at all, easy to sit on sidelines, been on the hot seat since he started coaching football. Uneasy time for a lot of people, even referenced the economy and the oil spill) -Thoughts on the Pac-10 overall -On the potential of baseball coming to CU and that helping football recruiting -Boise State move to the Mountain West Conference -Is the Pac-12 going to divide into two divisions (nothing has been officially decided or set in stone) -Talk about the running back spot, depth and is Rodney Stewart capable of caring the load (Lockridge is available, still gaining experience. Bringing in four freshman, one or two will see playing time. Corey Nabors becomes the utility guy) -What is your team's identity for this season? (Hard to tell at this point in the season)

Neil Woelk: Baylor lobbyist gets creative in evaluating CU


Neil, once again, hits the nail on the head with this article. Yes, Baylor lobbyist Buddy Jones probably did more to embarrass the University of Baylor then help it but it would absolutely be nice to see a statement of support from the state of Colorado about the University of Colorado. Their is certainly ways to offer support without embarrassing the University. On a more serious note, I will give Buddy credit for one thing. He`s trying to rally the troops. His heart is in the right place, if not his head. Honestly, I`d like to see a little public support in Colorado. I know our state legislators have plenty to worry about these days. They need to direct their attention to stuff that actually matters. Ditto for Gov. Bill Ritter. But thing is, CU does matter. I`d like to see a few of the powers-that-be in Colorado stand up and say if the Pac-10 is going to invite six Big 12 teams, CU ought to be one of them. Just once, I`d like to see someone stand up and say CU is important. I`d like them to acknowledge that the state`s flagship university is important to the well-being of the entire state, and membership in a prestigious conference is a nice piece of that puzzle. That would be nice -- and it might be the only place Buddy got something right.

BDC: Dan Hawkins Hospitalized for Kidney Stone Procedure

Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins underwent a surgical procedure Thursday afternoon at Boulder Community Hospital to have a kidney stone removed. CU officials released a statement Thursday saying the procedure was successful and he was doing "fine." Hawkins was scheduled to remain in the hospital overnight and be released Friday. Get well coach

Dan Hawkins' son, Drew, Leaves Boise State Because of Injury

Quarterback-turned-wide receiver Drew Hawkins has left the Boise State football program because of a history of concussions, Boise State announced Wednesday. I empathize with the kid as it is the same reason I had to walk away from the game. Best of luck to him.

Buffzone: Hawk promotes Ambrose


Colorado coach Dan Hawkins has promoted defensive technical intern Ashley Ambrose to interim assistant wide receivers coach. The reason for naming Ambrose on an interim basis now is it allows him to help in recruiting during the spring evaluation period, which is well underway and runs through the end of May. ... Ambrose, 38, has spent his life in the game but has no real coaching experience outside of the past year he has worked with the Buffs. He spent 13 seasons in the National Football League as a defensive back and has worked the past year with secondary coach Greg Brown in Boulder. He knows the wide receiver position from having played and coached against it, but has no real experience teaching it.

Dan Hawkins Promotes Eric Kiesau to Offensive Coordinator, Replacing Mark Helfrich


Hat tip to mam2jd for posting the link in my article published minutes before the announcement... According to Dave Plati of the CU SID, Dan Hawkins has named former Buffs WR coach, Eric Kiesau, the new offensive coordinator following the departure of Mark Helfrich to an unidentified school (Oregon). "I am very excited, this is something I’ve been preparing for my entire life," Kiesau said. "When I got the call when all this was shaking down, it’s a natural progression to move in that direction, especially with what we’re doing offensively. I’m honored that Coach Hawkins and (athletic director) Mike Bohn endorsed and supported me being the next coordinator to lead the offense. I am looking forward to providing direction and guidance as we move forward and continue our journey here at CU." Hawkins has a plan in the works to name a new receivers coach as soon as possible. Best option was to hire Kiesau considering the situation that it is almost May and fall ball is less than 100 days away. Hopefully Kiesau brings change to one of the worst offenses we have seen at Colorado the past few years. The offense should remain similar but I am sure Kiesau will have a few wrinkles of his own. I do have to say that I am pumped the recruiter Kiesau will now have the offensive coordinator tag. That could be a deadly combination if the Buffs start winning and he continues to recruit the way he has in the past. This will be the first time Kiesau will be in charge of an entire offense. Here is Kiesau's biography on cubuffs.com. Best of luck to Helfrich in his new endeavors at Oregon. He will be the new quarterback's coach for Chip Kelly.

Let the Crazy Talk Start...Just Win 8, 9 or 10 Games Next Year Please

Bruce Feldman from ESPN on potential good fits for Mike Leach if this whole debacle continues to proceed as it has in the past: As for Leach, I think there are a handful of potential vacancies that would be intriguing. Glancing around at the places with the hottest seats, here's a quick rundown: ... Colorado: Dan Hawkins' seat isn't hot yet, but it will be if CU doesn't get off to a good start. He is 13-24 in three seasons at CU and needs to get the Buffs into a bowl game. My hunch is Leach would love Boulder.

Iowa State Cleaning House, Fires Offensive and Defensive Coordinator


AMES, Iowa (AP) -- Iowa State football coach Gene Chizik is making big changes to his coaching staff after the Cyclones' dismal 2-10 season. Chizik has removed his offensive and defensive coordinators and fired two other assistants. Chizik, in a statement released on Sunday, announced that offensive coordinator Robert McFarland and defensive coordinator Wayne Bolt have been removed. Bolt will remain as linebackers coach, while McFarland will retain his role as an assistant coach and remain as the offensive line coach. Chizik dismissed quarterbacks coach Tony Petersen and secondary coach Shawn Raney. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One must begin to wonder if Hawkins will pull the trigger anytime soon. I will be disappointed if the Buffs don't upgrade or make some drastic changes in the offseason, before everyone else does. Off Topic: How good does a Lane Kiffin hire sound right now with the package of his dad and Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and former Ole Miss coach and recruiting guru Ed Orgeron?

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