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University of Colorado Already Served APR Penalty Last Year

UPDATE - Everything and a little more about the APR and how it relates to Colorado from the CU SID, Dave Plati. Kyle Ringo does a good job summing up the report of the NCAA releasing it's annual Academic Progress Report (APR) score which suggests Colorado will lose four football scholarships this year. Basically, as we discussed yesterday and we have been reporting on for the past year, Dan Hawkins and the Colorado football program already served this penalty in the 2009 season by not using the fully alloted amount of scholarships. From a blog post dated July 27th, 2009, we found out that Dan Hawkins and the football program was being proactive about the APR issue: Right now, the active scholarship total for the Buffs in 2009 will be 63 assuming that 10 freshman won't play this year. Currently 73 players are on scholarship not including Josh Moten, Sione Tau, Toney Clemons, Shaun Simon and Edward Nuckols. If your keeping track at home, that is 12 scholarships below the allowable amount, 7 if you can't the current inactives. The best news of the day is that the Buffs are being proactive, taking a self enforced penalty for their NCAA APR performance, something that we have hoped would happen since they have scholarship wiggle room this season. Contrary to the way a few sources will spin this, Colorado has achieved program records for Grade Point Average the last three semesters according to the Ringo article.

Neil Woelk: Baylor lobbyist gets creative in evaluating CU


Neil, once again, hits the nail on the head with this article. Yes, Baylor lobbyist Buddy Jones probably did more to embarrass the University of Baylor then help it but it would absolutely be nice to see a statement of support from the state of Colorado about the University of Colorado. Their is certainly ways to offer support without embarrassing the University. On a more serious note, I will give Buddy credit for one thing. He`s trying to rally the troops. His heart is in the right place, if not his head. Honestly, I`d like to see a little public support in Colorado. I know our state legislators have plenty to worry about these days. They need to direct their attention to stuff that actually matters. Ditto for Gov. Bill Ritter. But thing is, CU does matter. I`d like to see a few of the powers-that-be in Colorado stand up and say if the Pac-10 is going to invite six Big 12 teams, CU ought to be one of them. Just once, I`d like to see someone stand up and say CU is important. I`d like them to acknowledge that the state`s flagship university is important to the well-being of the entire state, and membership in a prestigious conference is a nice piece of that puzzle. That would be nice -- and it might be the only place Buddy got something right.

Update on Georgia at Colorado in 2010


This is the latest, which indicates that any discussions about the Bulldogs asking the Buffaloes to reschedule their 2010 date in Boulder so the Red and Black can play an out-of-conference game in the Georgia Dome instead are at a very, very preliminary stage, and that this is only one of many, many possible options being discussed. In other words, it isn't off the table entirely that there may be a call from Athens to Boulder asking if the game can be rearranged, but it is far from certain that such a call is coming. The only ominous note for those of us in Bulldog Nation who are looking forward to making the trip to Big 12 country is the possibility that ESPN may become involved. Stay tuned. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Early 2009 Big 12 Look Ahead by ColllegeFootballNews


Almost all of the points they bring up about the Buffs are fair. The Buffs will hopefully get their fire power from Simas and a few other newcomers named Jackson and Simmons. As for the defensive line, one can only hope for some serious development over the offseason. Maybe Kasa and Nuckols can contribute from Day 1. They forgot to mention a potential great back seven.

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