Taking a Look at the Buffaloes Newly Final Schedule


Now that we know the Buffs are taking on Charleston Southern we can take another look at the rest of the season.

With the announcement yesterday that Colorado has replaced the postponed Fresno State game with a contest against FCS opponent Charleston Southern we know now what the Buffs schedule looks like the rest of the way. We also have five weeks worth of results to help us measure what kind of teams they will be taking on. We dug in and gave our best guess at a win probability below.

I'd love to see where you guys would differ on the percentages so let me know in the comments.

Date Opponent Location Time Result/Rank Breakdown
Sun, Sep 01 Colorado State Denver, CO 4:00 p.m. 41 - 27(W)
Sat, Sep 07 Central Arkansas Boulder, CO 6:00 p.m. 38 - 24(W)
Sat, Sep 28 Oregon State at Corvallis, OR 1:00 p.m. 17 - 44(L)
Sat, Oct 05 Oregon Boulder, CO 4:00 p.m. #2 The odds of anyone beating the Ducks are pretty slim, especially the Buffs. Chance of victory: 1%
Sat, Oct 12 Arizona State at Tempe, AZ 8:00 p.m. #22 For some reason CU just doesn't play well against the Sun Devils and they're getting better, not worse. Chance of victory: 10%
Sat, Oct 19 Charleston Southern Boulder, CO TBA N/A I wish I could go 99% here, but the Buffs just aren't there yet. Still, it should be a win. Chance of victory: 85%
Sat, Oct 26 Arizona Boulder, CO TBA N/A On the other hand the Buffs DO play well against the Wildcats. Chance of victory: 50%
Sat, Nov 02 UCLA at Pasadena, CA TBA #12 UCLA is another school that the Buffs have really struggled with lately. Chance of victory: 10%
Sat, Nov 09 Washington at Seattle, WA TBA #15 Husky Stadium is an even tougher place to play know and the Buffs could be pretty beat up at this point. Chance of victory: 15%
Sat, Nov 16 California Boulder, CO TBA N/A May be the most winnable Pac-12 game this year, but defense will have to step up. Chance of victory: 60%
Sat, Nov 23 USC Boulder, CO TBA N/A Who knows what shape USC will be in by the time they come to Boulder. Chance of victory: 55%
Sat, Nov 30 Utah at Salt Lake City, UT TBA N/A The Buffs seemingly up the level of play against Utah, but they seem to be much improved this year. Chance of victory: 45%

Here's a look at the most recent AP to see where the Pac-12 stacks up.

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Alabama (55) 4-0 1,495 1
2 Oregon (5) 4-0 1,422 2
3 Clemson 4-0 1,354 3
4 Ohio State 5-0 1,305 4
5 Stanford 4-0 1,280 5
6 Georgia 3-1 1,171 9
7 Louisville 4-0 1,091 7
8 Florida State 4-0 1,069 8
9 Texas A&M 4-1 1,012 10
10 LSU 4-1 979 6
11 Oklahoma 4-0 838 14
12 UCLA 3-0 834 13
13 South Carolina 3-1 812 12
14 Miami (FL) 4-0 753 15
15 Washington 4-0 665 16
16 Northwestern 4-0 550 17
17 Baylor 3-0 536 19
18 Florida 3-1 481 20
19 Michigan 4-0 471 18
20 Texas Tech 4-0 264 24
21 Oklahoma State 3-1 230 11
22 Arizona State 3-1 192 NR
23 Fresno State 4-0 187 25
24 Mississippi 3-1 132 21
25 Maryland 4-0 119 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Northern Illinois 104, Virginia Tech 49, Wisconsin 46, Nebraska 20, Missouri 14, Notre Dame 12, UCF 6, Michigan State 5, Rutgers 2

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