Frank Umu: Littleton Heritage defensive tackle Q&A

Doug Pensinger

We chat with Frank Umu, an exciting defensive tackle out of the great state of Colorado.

Another week, another interview. This go-around, it's Frank Umu, a large man from Heritage high school. His highlights show someone who seems to be playing out of his league. He clogs the lane very well, and at times threw the blockers like rag dolls. He presents a good base, and his initial punch was powerful, allowing him to take his blocker out of the play quickly. His quickness could be improved, and training with Matt McChesney of Six Zero Strength will help that, as it has helped Dillon Middlemiss, a CU commit for 2015. Most importantly, he shows the ability to split double teams, and though he is not being used as a penetrating tackle, he shows a knack for it. That shows versatility, and he could be a 0, 1 or 3 technique. His measurables, about 6'4 and 285, are very much PAC-12 worthy, and he could end up being an in-state steal, as Terran Hasselbach was last cycle. Below are some questions and answers with The Palindrome, Frank Umu.

Q (Me): Alright first question, besides CU, who else is showing interest in you?

A (Mr. Umu): Weber State offered, Wyoming, Utah State, Utah, Washington, Air Force, Kansas State and Eastern Washington.

Q:  Do you have a favorite right now? If all of them offered, do you know which one you would choose?

A: Not right now, but CU and Wyo are at the top, showing most interest.

Q: I know you already have been asked this, but CSU isn't showing any interest? Also, are you more comfortable clogging or penetrating?

A: HHS never really had me do anything but clog. I am good with that but have always loved pursuit as well and hope new coach mixes it up. Just love fighting in the trenches and hitting in the backfield also. Hope to do it all this season. Also surprised not hearing from CSU, may have to hit their camp this summer to show them what they're overlooking.

Q: Versatility is valuable, looks like you have that. What do you think of CU's new facilities, is that changing your opinion of them at all?

A: Love where CU is heading. Really exciting... Could see myself being part of turning it around there. Facilities are going to be top notch.

Q: What do you think you could bring to a team like CU?

A: I can bring a drive to always get better for the team and huge physical presence and motor to help shore up the line ... and a nice smile.

Q: Last question, would you rather own a dinosaur or a jet pack?

A:Jet pack, so I could be a little lighter in my feet

Q: One more, would you rather silence an opponents' stadium or have the home crowd go wild for you?

A: As a team, Home crowd takes it! But as a defense, shutting down opponent crowd with goal line stance... Pretty close second.

Mr. Umu seems to have a great attitude. He is one of my favorites this cycle, as he is in-state, has the frame and athleticism, and seems to like the idea of playing for CU. He is one to watch as the cycle moves forward, and wherever he goes, that school is getting a force in the middle of their defense. He is capable of being the lynchpin of a defense and I would go as far as saying his ceiling could be as high as Josh Tupou's. As always, I will take suggestions for writing, interviews, questions, and fashion (maybe) in the comments below.

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