A look at Colorado's inexperience and recruiting rankings

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Compare the Buffaloes experience with the rest of college basketball.

We all know that this year's Colorado basketball team is a young and relatively inexperienced team but a fellow SB Nation site recently did some interesting research that really illustrates how the Buffs compare with the rest of NCAA basketball.

Crimson Quarry, the Indiana Hoosiers blog, started by looking at aggregate recruiting rankings and then pulled in experience on the roster to come up with a number to compare amongst teams.

So which teams this year have the best combination of talent and experience this year? Below is the top 25.

Team Conference Average Stars Experience Avg*Exp
Ohio State B1G 3.7 2.1 7.77
Stanford PAC 12 3.289 2.31 7.59759
Georgetown Big East 3.528 2.13 7.51464
Notre Dame ACC 3.462 2.14 7.40868
Michigan State B1G 3.806 1.86 7.07916
Florida SEC 3.722 1.9 7.0718
Oregon PAC 12 2.9 2.36 6.844
Marquette Big East 3.25 2.08 6.76
Rutgers American 3.167 2.12 6.71404
Gonzaga West Coast 3.061 2.14 6.55054
Memphis American 3.427 1.88 6.44276
Louisville American 3.514 1.82 6.39548
Connecticut American 3.179 2.01 6.38979
Providence Big East 3.111 2.03 6.31533
Texas Southern SWAC 2.333 2.69 6.27577
Baylor Big XII 3.244 1.93 6.26092
Saint Louis A10 2.514 2.46 6.18444
Duke ACC 4.125 1.45 5.98125
Minnesota B1G 2.722 2.18 5.93396
North Carolina Central MEAC 2.2 2.69 5.918
Massachusetts A10 2.726 2.17 5.91542
La Salle A10 2.429 2.43 5.90247
Saint Mary's West Coast 2.474 2.36 5.83864
Tennessee SEC 3.103 1.87 5.80261
UAB C-USA 2.431 2.38 5.78578

Well Jon, that's great, but what about the Buffs? Well, to find Colorado you have to look at the raw data because they are nowhere near the Top 25. Colorado comes in at No. 308 out of the 352 schools that are featured. The Buffs score a 2.917 in recruiting and a .93 in experience to total out at a 2.713. Looking just at recruiting, Colorado comes in at No. 56 (thank goodness Tad Boyle is a significantly better judge of talent than any of the recruiting sites). In the experience category the Buffs are No. 15, behind only Kentucky, Kansas, Texas and South Carolina amongst BCS schools.

Now in college basketball recruiting is obviously significantly more important than experience but it's an interesting thing to think about nonetheless. Discuss and dissect.

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