College Football BlogPoll

Blogpoll Ballot: It's Bama's World

Our week final 2012 BlogPoll ballot, where Roll Tide and all that jazz.

Blogpoll: Northern Illinois Clinches A BCS Berth

Our week fourteen BlogPoll ballot, where we head into bowl season.

Week Thirteen BlogPoll Results: Return Of The Mac

The week thirteen BlogPoll is here!

BlogPoll Ballot: ND Clinches A Shot At The Title

Our week thirteen BlogPoll ballot, where Notre Dame clinched and the SEC asserted themselves

BlogPoll Results: The Aggies Have A 1st Place Vote

The week twelve BlogPoll is here!

BlogPoll Week Twelve Ballot - Carnage At The Top

Our week twelve BlogPoll ballot, where we see a major shake-up after Oregon and Kansas State fall.

Blogpoll Results: Oregon Takes Over No. 1

The week eleven BlogPoll is here!

BlogPoll Ballot - Oregon, KSU One And Two

Our week eleven BlogPoll ballot, where we are down to three unbeatens left...

Blogpoll Results: Bama Puts A Stranglehold On #1

The week ten BlogPoll is here!

BlogPoll Ballot - Say Hello To Toledo, Utah State

Our week ten BlogPoll ballot, where the bottom of the rankings get a little crazy...


Blogpoll Results: Kansas State Jumps Up To No. 2

The week nine BlogPoll is here!

BlogPoll Ballot - A Clear Top Four Appears

Our week nine BlogPoll ballot, where big wins by Alabama and Notre Dame help a clear top 4 take shape.

Blogpoll Results: Oregon Remains At No. 2

The week eight BlogPoll is here!

BlogPoll Ballot - Gators Just Keep Winning

Our week eight BlogPoll ballot, where Florida jumps the Fighting Irish to take the four spot.

BlogPoll: See Ya, Texas

The week seven BlogPoll is here and West Virginia and Texas have taken a tumble.

Irish Move Into Top 4 After "Beating" Stanford

Our week seven BlogPoll ballot, where Notre Dame moves into the top four.

La. Tech, Ohio, A&M, Iowa State... All Ranked?

The week six BlogPoll is here and looks a lot different after the carnage of last Saturday.

2012 BlogPoll Week Six Ballot - Florida Takes Down

Our week six BlogPoll ballot, where two Big 12 teams now reside in the top five.

Week 5 BlogPoll Results: UCLA Back In The Top 25

The week five BlogPoll results have been released and it now features five Pac-12 teams. UCLA jumped back up into the polls after their win over Colorado. Oregon State rose all the way up to No. 13.

2012 BlogPoll Week Five Ballot

Our week five BlogPoll ballot, now with much more Georgia!

Week 3 BlogPoll Results: USC Falls To No. 16

The week three BlogPoll results have been released with a big change in the the top ten thanks to the USC loss. Voters pushed the Trojans all the way down to No. 16 while Stanford jumped 14 spots to No. 8.

2012 BlogPoll Week Three Ballot - Stanford Makes A Huge Leap

The Ralphie Report's week three BlogPoll ballot and rankings.

Week 2 BlogPoll Results: Pac-12 Bumped From The Top Two

The week two BlogPoll results have been released and the SEC has taken control of the top two spots after USC didn't exactly impress against Syracuse. The top four in the poll mirror my ballot, but the voters still have Clemson significantly lower th

2012 BlogPoll Week Two Ballot - The Return Of The Pac-12 South

The Ralphie Report's week two BlogPoll ballot and rankings.

Alabama Takes The Number One Spot In the Blogpoll

The first Blogpoll after actual game action has been published and the Alabama Crimson Tide have taken over the top spot.

2012 BlogPoll Week One Ballot - Alabama Takes The Top Spot, Tennessee Jumps On In

The Ralphie Report's week one BlogPoll ballot and rankings.

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