Breaking Down The Mills Shake Video

By now you've all seen The Mills Shake video. If not, then go click that clicky I just posted (ed note: embedded below - JW). Seriously, don't be a jerk, we'll wait...

...Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's start off with what this isn't. It absolutely isn't the Harlem Shake. Nor are any of these videos, really. There actually is a dance called the Harlem Shake, but that's been replaced with "bounce around flailing like an asshole. The Harlem Shake has been replaced with the Jordan Loveridge. That said, ours is a pretty good version of that, so let's look at what it is:

0:00-0:05: blah blah blah, coach Pri with the yakketty yakketty

0:06-0:19: Ben Mills is... I actually have no idea what he's doing. just kind of bouncing around. At first I thought of Jar Jar Binks, but Jar Jar is much looser. Mills looks more like a mannequin who's in the midst of being brought to life by virtue of electroshocks. And Josh Scott tries (and fails) to not laugh.


0:20-0:23: The first thing you'll notice (in the lower right of the screen) is that Eli Stalzer is obviously the best dancer on the team, as well he should be as a music major. Pretty much everyone else seems to be starting an emo mosh pit (let's pretend to hit each other but not actually touch).

0:24-0:27: This is where Stalzer's shirt comes off, and he pegs Beau Gamble in the head with it. Eli is our Dennis Reynolds, our Magic Mike. He's never met a shirt he didn't want to pop off. Let's call him Electric Eli...actually, let's never ever call him that.

0:28-0:29: This is all about Andre Roberson dressed as a ...cupcake? I think it's a cupcake. This might seem odd from the normally mild mannered and quiet Roberson, until you remember his awesome penguin hat. Also of note: Chip is the only one who gets close to performing the actual Harlem Shake.

Also, as a crossover:

0:27:0:33: you can also catch glimpses of Dinwiddie in the back who looks like he absolutely does not want to be there.

0:34-0:39 more coach talk and a resolution.


For bonus Mills Shake, from the Arizona game, I give you the fan section.

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