2013-2014 Colorado Buffaloes basketball pocket schedule

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This season's Colorado Buffaloes Basketball pocket schedules are now available, so stop reading this and drive around Boulder or go to Folsom Field, the Coors Events Center, the CU Bookstore, Late Night Libby (does that still exist?) and go get 1 or 10. There may only be around 125,000 available!


For the 12th straight season, the Colorado Buffaloes Basketball pocket schedule features both a player from the men's and women's teams. This is a solid tradition and for an upcoming season with lofty expectations for both teams, deservedly so.

Last year, around this time, we brought you a multi-part perspective of CU Basketball Pocket Schedules from 1980-2013. Let's put our focus on taking a look back at the current series of co-starring covers:

2001-02: Jenny Roulier & DJ Harrison


2002-03: Stephane Pelle & Sabrina Scott


2003-04: Michael Morandais & Tera Bjorklund


2004-05: Glenn Eddy & Veronica Johns-Richardson


2005-06: Whitney Law & Richard Roby


2006-07: Richard Roby & Jasmina Ilic


2007-08: Susie Powers & Marcus Hall


2008-09: Jermyl Jackson-Wilson & Kara Richards


2009-10: Dwight Thorne II & Bianca Smith


2010-11: Brittany Spears & Cory Higgins


2011-12: Julie Seabrook & Austin Default


2012-13: Megan Malcolm-Peck & Andre Roberson


And of course this season...

2013-14: Brittany Wilson & Spencer Dinwiddie (as seen up top)


Richard Roby is the only player (men's or women's) to appear on a cover twice, and it was in consecutive seasons. Again, using only the 1979-80 season as the historical benchmark, the only other back-to-back cover star was an actual basketball in 1996-97 & 1997-98. But, was it the same ball?!



A basketball graphic was the cover model in both 1995-96 & 1999-2000...Img_2696_jpg_medium Img_2699_jpg_medium

...and then again in 2000-2001, as a basketball with a Ralphie logo reclaimed the honors. Img_2700_jpg_medium

Digging deeper, in 1979-80 & 1980-81 a photo followed by a drawing of the CU Conference/Events Center (that was the building's name until 1990) was represented. Img_2691_jpg_medium Img_2690_jpg_medium

Of course, if you switch over to football/fall pocket schedules, Ralphie III did it back-to back in 1993 & 1994.

Scan0053_medium Scan0054_medium

The only other appearance of our girl, was in 1985, but that was Ralphie II.


The Creators:

Back to our main focus, this season's basketball pocket schedule combines the terrific photography of Teresa Lee @TeresaLeePhotog and the skilled graphic design of Emily Simpson @EASimps. Both are fun follows on Twitter, who share lots of photos during CU photo shoots for a variety of teams, and Emily is great about posting proofs along with the finished products for posters and pocket schedules. Emily describes her style as "No fluff, clean, get the point across." Teresa's work has "...primarily focused on families, babies, children, high school seniors and weddings until a few years back. In 2010, Teresa had the opportunity to work with several dancers from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. She traveled to New York and Los Angeles to photograph these amazing dancer/athletes. With that she found a calling in more sports oriented photography and started working with high school student athletes. She quickly built a portfolio of football players, swimmers, sprinters, divers, basketball players and gymnasts."

This is the first time Teresa's photos and Emily's designs have been combined for use on a CU pocket schedule or any pocket schedule for that matter, though the fall sports posters were a collaborative effort of theirs. I've been known a time or two on Twitter to post a photo of a variety of pocket schedules, as well.

When I asked Emily about the future between her Teresa and the University of Colorado, she told me "...I couldn't be happier with what Teresa has done here. The quality of her work has elevated our brand exponentially, and I think she has also greatly enjoyed working with our amazing student-athletes. It's almost worth it just to see their faces when they see these pictures of themselves."

Let's hope that there is plenty more CU stuff in the works between these two very talented ladies.

My Opinion:

C'mon. I love it! It's traditional and classic with CU basketball pocket schedule history, yet very modern and I love everything about the Colorado Buffaloes, so what do you expect me to say? Brittany and Spencer (appropriate cover stars) are shown in their home white uniforms (go back and look again), which is the norm.

The only exceptions include:

1984-85 (men's road blue)


1991-91 (men's home silver)


1992-93 (men's home silver)


1993-94 (men's home silver)


2003-2004 (women's road black), 2004-05 (women's road black), 2007-08 (women's home gold), 2009-10 (women's home gold), 2010-11 (men's road black), and 2011-12 (men's home silver) - as seen above.

There's a Ralphie logo, our famous ITC Machine with a 9 Degree forward slant font (Phil always reminds me because I seem to forget the official name), some gold, some black and some white. Inside, there's the actual season schedule for both teams (Hey, Arielle and Askia!), ticket information, social media information. McDonald's information and on the back cover: a variety (Bank of the West, Amp, Blake Street Tavern, Pepsi, SpineOne and CU Sports Medicine) of sponsors. Img_2719_jpg_medium Img_2722_jpg_medium

All folded up...and we've got a pocket schedule!

I think that's it. Though that was probably way too much.

Enjoy the season and start your own collection because I've met other pocket schedule collectors, and they are sooooooooooo cool. Now, the wait is on to see if there's another pocket schedule or schedule card in 2013-14, for what would be a first at CU - a spring sports (women's lacrosse on the cover!) pocket schedule. Fingers crossed. Magnet schedules next season for football would be nice, but one step at a time.

Go Buffs!


Special thanks go out to Teresa and Emily for all of their help!

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