Interview With New Buffalo Forward Xavier Johnson


Phil had the opportunity to sit down with new Colorado Buffalo Xavier Johnson, who will be joining Tad Boyle's Pac-12 Champion squad this fall. Thanks for doing this, Phil and X. - Jon

Everyone follow X at @XtheCreator on twitter. I can't find him on Facebook, but if you can - he would like you to hit him up there as well. I can't express my thanks to X enough for helping me with this interview.

The Ralphie Report You’re a top 100 recruit, and a lot of CU fans are really excited for you to come to Boulder and play, but most of them haven’t seen you play a lot. Give us an idea of what we can expect to see, as far as your game is concerned.

You can expect a lot of versatility, and being able to shoot the basketball, ability to bring the ball up the court and rebound, also just be a strong leader.

The Ralphie Report Other than coach Boyle, was there a particular assistant who you connected with who was your primary recruiting contact?

Yeah definitely Coach Abatemarco, he really kept after me hard, recruiting-wise, and he kept me interested in Colorado, mostly, and he's a great coach

The Ralphie ReportYou played at probably the top program in the west at Mater Dei, and won back to back state championships. How has that helped prepare you for the next level and Pac 12 basketball.

It got me prepared to win, and got me the winner's mentality, and we know that we're just gonna win the next game. We haven't lost that Mater Dei, so we've just got that mentality.

The Ralphie ReportSpeaking of that program tell us a little about Eli Stalzer, who's our newest Buffalo, and what he’s going to bring to the Buffaloes program.

Eli brings a lot of defense, and he's a solid player. He's gonna give 110% effort when he plays, and he's just a great guy to be around.

The Ralphie ReportDid you and Eli have some fun with Katin Reinhardt after CU beat UNLV in the NCAAs?

Yeah, definitely

The Ralphie ReportOther than X, do you have any nicknames that you go by, or are we just going to have to make one up for you?

You guys are definitely gonna have to make one up for me. I usually just go by X or X-Man or X-traordinaire

Here is where I made a terrible joke about Xavier College which we will not go into

The Ralphie ReportWhat are your personal goals for your freshman season and expectations while at CU for your college career?

My personal goals are to just come out and make a statement. Come out strong, um, probably freshman player of the year in the Pac-12 and just make a name for myself, and just go from there.

The Ralphie ReportLet’s talk about hobbies. If you’re not on the basketball court or hitting the books hard, what are we gonna find you doing?

When I'm not studying really hard, every day... I usually just try to go outside and get some sun. I like to draw too as well, that's a good thing.

The Ralphie ReportYou seem like a really humble guy. I saw a tweet you sent out that said something like. "I won a state championship last night and now I’m washing my mom’s car." Who has been the biggest influence on you and your growth as a player, and now as a person.

Definitely my parents. They're the first people to come up to me and congratulate me for being a state champion. But also to make sure my grades are right and just make sure I keep my head on straight and don't let the hype get to me.

The Ralphie ReportYou graduate on May 26th, I think- will you be in Boulder for the first summer session on June 2nd?

Yes I will.

The Ralphie ReportHow excited are you to go to Europe, and how will that help you?

I'm really excited to go to Europe. I think it will be a great experience for me, to be able to go overseas, and just see what it's like.

The Ralphie ReportWill St. John Bosco beat Mater Dei next year?

St. John Bosco will never beat Mater Dei, in their history.

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