Colorado Buffaloes Vs. USC Trojans: A Statistical Preview

Justin Edmonds

Previewing the Buffs - Trojans game from a statistical perspective. This week is once again a scary, scary sight.
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank height= 10 105 110.83 Rushing Offense 165.67 62 6 height= 9 76 216.50 Passing Offense 249.50 50 6 height= 10 103 327.33 Total Offense 415.17 57 7 height= 12 103 20.83 Scoring Offense 32.33 48 4 height= 10 83 181.50 Rushing Defense 110.67 23 3 height= 12 118 162.10 Pass Efficiency Defense 114.74 29 4 height= 12 113 494.17 Total Defense 331.50 25 2 height= 12 117 41.33 Scoring Defense 18.50 27 3 3 23 39.93 Net Punting 38.45 42 7 height= 12 96 5.50 Punt Returns 10.54 41 5 height= 8 79 20.08 Kickoff Returns 25.62 19 2 height= 11 88 -.50 Turnover Margin .83 26 3 height= 12 117 312.67 Pass Defense 220.83 54 3 height= 12 107 112.39 Passing Efficiency 148.27 31 3 height= 9 38 2.33 Sacks 3.67 5 2 height= 6 28 7 Tackles For Loss 7.67 16 4 height= 12 120 4.50 Sacks Allowed 1.67 52 3

Well, just looking at the little helmets, it's the exact same as last week. However, the numbers tell a lightly different story.

USC is a very solid, but not spectacular team if we are just going by their statistical rankings. A lot of conference ranks in the 3-5 range. Their schedule hasn't been too top-loaded, so it can be assumed that this is a pretty fair picture at this point in the season. There aren't a lot of weaknesses with this Trojans team, very strong across the board.

After last weekends debacle with the opening kick-off of the second half, USC's return numbers have to be a huge worry. They have some very talented athletes returning their kick-offs and the Buffaloes will have to play very sound coverage.

If you look at the national rankings instead of the conference rankings, you will see that the Buffalo pass rush has been a very impressive unit this year. 28th nationally in tackles for loss and 38th nationally in sacks. Not bad, not bad at all. Unfortunately USC still ranks higher in both so Jordan Webb could be running for his life once again.

The national rankings are out of 120 D-1 college football teams. In NINE out of 17 categories listed here the Buffs rank in the bottom 20. They have given up more sacks than every single other team. Woof.

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