So regarding those bricks...

In an earlier thread, when discussing the bricks being brought back, I wondered whether or not Embree would consider adding bricks retroactively for the Hawkins era. Not content to just speculate, I asked Dave Plati. I thought I'd pass along the answer. Below are my exact question with his response:

Hello Mr. Plati,

I'm pleased to see that coach Embree brought back all of the bricks instead of just establishing new ones. With that in mind, has there been any discussion regarding issuing new bricks retroactively for the Hawkins era. Regardless of the fans' feelings for coach Hawkins, all of those players are Buffs. Cody was on the sidelines for Cal and was at the CSU game. BJ Beatty visited practice and went to the Hawai'i game. Jeff Smart and Cha'pelle Brown are on the staff. We are all proud of Jimmy Smith, Nate Solder, Jalil Brown, Scotty McKnight, Justin Drescher, et al. Don't those guys deserve to see their legacy on the wall for Oklahoma/ Nebraska/ West Virginia/ Georgia/ Whoever the same way that the players from the McCartney, Neuheisel, and Barnett eras do? In fact, many of those players overlapped from Barnett to Hawkins, and now from Hawkins to Embree. I just feel like, if we're a family, then all of our family history needs to be embraced.





Jon’s aware of those games … not all are brick worthy (UGA was nice, but they were 1-3)…but I agree, especially with the ’07 OU game, that was big and Bradford won the Heisman the next year.


Hawk, incidentally, did not have the bricks taken down; that area was remodeled before he got here and they never were put back up; he didn’t even know they existed…




So the question wasn't really answered. Maybe I can bother some reporter into asking at his next press conference. His response about Hawk is interesting too, given that it runs contrary to everything I've seen reported. I'm kind of skeptical of that. You're telling me that among Embree, Bieniemy, all the returning players, all of the former players, heck- Plati himself... not one of them thought to mention the tradition to the new guy? Hmm

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