What Now Mr. Bohn?!?

After the euphoria of news that CU will be one of the top revenue earning athletic programs in the country has finally set in many fans have one statement left. Show me the money!

Mr. Investigative sleuth aka John “my eyebrows will soon impale my retinas” Henderson, had an interesting article in the Post on Saturday. I know we all despise John, and we all should, but this article may be the only example of reporting where he has kept everything above the belt. Henderson detailed some of the top priorities for new funding according to his conversation with Mike Bohn.

Bohn will put a lot of money in places fans may not see. He must pay $5.5 million left from an $8 million loan in 2006 which paid off former football coach Gary Barnett's contract, paid Boise State for the hiring of football coach Dan Hawkins and settled the lawsuit from CU's recruiting ordeal years ago. CU also owes the Big 12 a $6 million exit fee for leaving the conference to join the Pac-12…

After those necessities come some game-experience improvements. Bohn wants to upgrade Folsom Field's Flatirons Club, the antiquated donor seating area below the press box.

"We're looking at all infrastructures," Bohn said. "Video boards, restrooms and concession stands. The full gamut."


It sounds like it might be some time before any other sports are added as Bohn wants to get everything in order and in the black before expanding the athletic department. Because of title IX requirements the next 2 sports added will have to be women’s teams. The first sport most likely to be added would be women’s lacrosse.    


lacrosse has the inside edge... Colorado high schools are a hotbed for college women's lacrosse programs. Eight girls are expected to get Division I scholarships this spring, and Colorado would be a logical eighth conference member in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation. The league includes the three current Pac-10 schools playing women's lacrosse — Stanford, Oregon and California — plus Denver, which would provide a natural rivalry.


I haven’t heard any guesses on what the second sport might be so allow your imaginations to run wild. If most of us had our choice it would be women’s softball. This may make the most sense for a transition into men’s baseball, which would be a long ways into the future. A women’s softball team would allow the athletic department to begin building modest facilities for a baseball team. More than likely it would take the help of a private donor. Oregon’s newly christened stadium set Nike, I mean the Ducks, back $19 million. By no means would we build a facility on par with Oregon’s but you would think that it would take at least half of that $19 million to make adding a baseball program worthwhile.

Cal is an interesting example of how to get a baseball team back up and running. They plan on treating games more like a semi pro events, with theme nights, outfield advertising and field naming rights. Here is an interesting article from the WSJ profiling the reinstatement of baseball at Cal.  

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