Predictions for next year and opinions about what we've seen!

It's been too long since I've seen a new topic.  So I'll take the lead on this one!

How is everyone feeling about spring ball, the incoming freshman and the recruiting efforts!?!  What are your predictions for next year?

Here's how I see it!

I think spring ball showed us a glimpse of what is to come with Embo and staff.  Not only do I expect the offensive and defensive scheming to be better.  These coaches are getting much more out of the players.  This Buffs team will be much more prepared and hard working than what we saw last year.

Once they start injecting some improved talent through recruiting, we should see the big results we've all been waiting for!!!  One of my favorite aspects of this staff is their apparent ability to recruit.  Unlike Hawkins, who seemed to resent competing and battling for recruits.  These guys live for CU and can sell it.  I'm excited to see the quality of the players we appear to be attracting already!  Any recent news or rumors that anyone cares to share?

As far as incoming freshman go.  I think we may see some production from a few.  On Defense especially.  Nembot and Juda Parker seem like they may have a shot to get on the field simply because they don't have a ton of good competition.  Sherrard Harrington seemed to me (based on film) to be the best corner we recruited and has an obvious chance to play.  Keep an eye on Kyle Washington.  On offense, I only see an opportunity at RB.  We all seemed to be excited about Malcolm Creer, but he has decent competition to back up Speedy.  I was also intrigued by what I saw and read on Rashad Hall.  Of course, these are just educated guesses for next year and I'm excited to see who steps up out of this class.

As for my prediction.  I believe this team will surprise people.  I'm sure we'll be picked to win 5 or 6 games in the pre-season.  But a solid season and possible "upset" wins against big names like USC and Ohio State could really give us some national respect in a hurry.  I'm SURE we'll get to a bowl game next year.  We will lose games, but not in the fashion that we lost games last year.  This team is never getting blown out.  They will be in EVERY game because of their hard work and determination.  In the end I think it comes out like this:

7 WINS against: @Hawaii, @CSU, Washington State, @Washington, USC, Arizona and @UCLA.

6 LOSSES against:  Cal, @Ohio St, @Stanford, Oregon, @ASU and @Utah.

For obvious reasons, I'm a little concerned about the first game against Hawaii.  CSU and WSU should be easier wins.  Washington lost all their offensive talent in one player and we'll whoop them at their place.  I picked the upset of USC at home over the road game at OSU.  Arizona will be a hard fought and close victory at home.  And of course we'll take care of UCLA.  Maybe weasel is fired before we get there or right after?  Cal can go either way.  Upset alert on the OSU game, but ultimately I think it is tough to go to their place and get the W.  Thanks for the million bucks though!  Stanford is a really tough road game.  Oregon?  Maybe in a couple years.  ASU is another one that has a chance to be a win.  Utah should be very hard to beat on the road.  The best possible outcome could be 10-3 and the worst would be 4-9.

2011 will be a solid year to build on.  I expect to see this program in the top 25 and a 12 PAC contender very soon!

I'm looking forward to all your opinions and predictions as we gear up for a new beginning and the start of a great future!

Go Buffs!!!


Bold predictions (just for fun)!

-Tyler Hanson starts every game!  Ends up as the 5th best QB in the 12 PAC.

-CU is 2nd in the 12 PAC in team rushing.  Speedy has 1,500 yards rushing, 400 yards receiving and 17 total TD's.  On his way to a 2nd team all-american performance.  

-Tony Jones rushes for 500 and 5 TD's.

-Paul Richardson has 850 yards receiving and 8 TD's.  Earns 2nd team all-conference.  

-Toney Clemons has 650 yards receiving and 7 TD's.  Also adding 200 yards rushing and 2 TD's.  

-Neither of the starting CB's listed on the current depth chart actually start.

-Freshman Juda Parker records 5 sacks.

-The Buffs win the Valero Alamo Bowl 32 - 14 over the Baylor Bears.

-Embo and staff recruit the #19 ranked recruiting class next February.

-4 players are drafted to the NFL from the 2011 team.  Ryan Miller is drafted in the 3rd round by the Colts.  Speedy is drafted in the 5th by the Chargers.  Toney Clemons is Drafted in the 6th by the Raiders after he shines in the combine.  And Conrad Obi is drafted in the 7th by the Giants.  

I can't wait to look back and see if I'm even close on any of these!

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