2012 prospect UPDATE- offense

I'm going to go a little more in depth in my recruiting yappery since it's a holiday and I'm bored.

QB: We currently have offers out to 2 QBs, Cyler Miles from (Denver) Mullen and Gunner Kiel from Columbus, Indiana. Personally, I think Kiel is barely a pipe dream. I've got him pegged for Michigan. Travis Wilson from San Clemente, CA, previously mentioned in this spot by me, shows CU interest, but doesn't yet show an offer

RB: Currently showing offers to Benjamin Catalon from (Houston) Westside and Brian Kimbrow from (Memphis) East. Interestingly, Embree explicitly called out how short our RBs are during the recruiting press conference. Both of these guys are 5'8." My previously mentioned Byron Marshall (San Jose Valley Christian) is also showing interest (although he's showing interest to pretty much everyone), as is Ishmael Adams from (Westlake Village, CA) Oaks Christian, although I don't think he's as good as his offers. Neither currently holds an offer from CU.

FB: I still like Jahleel Pinner from Mission Viejo and Jherremya Leuta-Douyere from (Anaheim) Servite, although there isn't much available info on either.

WR: Currently showing offers for (Houston) Westlake's Deante' Gray, Lakewood (CA)'s Darius Powe, and Guyer (Denton, TX)'s Connor Crane. Powe is interesting, because they've got another guy- Malik Gilmore, who's bigger and faster, but isn't showing either interest or an offer from CU. That's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that I don't recall Lakewood as a particularly elite passing team, certainly not one that should show 2 BCS level receivers. 7 on 7 tourneys should show a lot this summer. My guy Bryce Treggs (St. John Bosco, Bellfower CA) shows neither interest nor an offer from CU, although he does seem predisposed toward the Pac 12.

TE: I'm leaving my guy Josh Cook (Santa Ana, CA Mater Dei) alone for now. We did just offer top CO prospect Evan Baylis from Grandview

OL: Lots of offers out there- 5 star Andrus Peat from Tempe, 4 star Shane Callahan from Chaparral, 3 star Paul Thurston from Arvada West, 3 star Germain Ifedi from (Houston) Westside, 4 star Jordan Simmons from (Encino) Crespi, 3 star Stephon McCray from Fresno, and 3 star Ty Darlingon from Apopka, FL.

Also, my use of parenthesis in school/ hometown identification is haphazard at best. I apologize, but don't expect that to change, since I'm not very smart, and I don't care that much. I'll do defense next, as this post is already stupid long.

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