My pre-season BOLD prediction revisited

Before the season I wrote a story on what I thought would happen in 2011.

I was a little off...

I wasn't the only one with preseason high hopes!  Only 2% of the people polled predicted that the Buffs would win 3 or less games.  I thought the worst we would be was 4-9...  But injuries and severe lack of talent killed us!

I was a little right on the incoming freshman I picked to watch.  Malcolm Creer did nicely before he got hurt.  Juda made a couple plays.  Kyle Washington got plenty of time.  Harrington seemed like he'd play and certainly would have before he got hurt.  I was not right on Nembot.


So here is what I predicted: (my responses are next to bullet points)

7 WINS against: @Hawaii, @CSU, Washington State, @Washington, USC, Arizona and @UCLA.

6 LOSSES against:  Cal, @Ohio St, @Stanford, Oregon, @ASU and @Utah.

  • Well we all know what happened here...  Glad I was wrong about Utah!

Bold predictions (just for fun)!

-Tyler Hanson starts every game!  Ends up as the 5th best QB in the 12 PAC.

  • He started them all, but that one when Hirschman played for a couple series.  Hanson ended up 8th in the PAC 12 in passing.

-CU is 2nd in the 12 PAC in team rushing.  Speedy has 1,500 yards rushing, 400 yards receiving and 17 total TD's.  On his way to a 2nd team all-american performance.  

  • CU was 9th in rushing.  Speedy had 854 rushing with 4 TD's (would have been more without the injuries!  He had about 600 yards receiving.  And might be honorable mention all PAC12.

-Tony Jones rushes for 500 and 5 TD's.

  • Tony had 300 and 3 TD's.

-Paul Richardson has 850 yards receiving and 8 TD's.  Earns 2nd team all-conference.  

  • He went for 550 and 5 TD's.  Certainly thought he'd get 1,000 after attending the Cal game!

-Toney Clemons has 650 yards receiving and 7 TD's.  Also adding 200 yards rushing and 2 TD's.  

  • I got one!  He went for 680 and 8 TD's.  No rushing yards, but I'll take it!  

-Neither of the starting CB's listed on the current depth chart actually start.

  • I was right about this one.  The spring game starters on the depth chart were Orms and Jaffee.

-Freshman Juda Parker records 5 sacks.

  • He had no sacks...  9 tackles though!

-The Buffs win the Valero Alamo Bowl 32 - 14 over the Baylor Bears.

  • Baylor may play in this game!  We might not...

-Embo and staff recruit the #19 ranked recruiting class next February.

  • Probably not going to happen unless we have some big commits come here.  But a decent class that may make the top 40.

-4 players are drafted to the NFL from the 2011 team.  Ryan Miller is drafted in the 3rd round by the Colts.  Speedy is drafted in the 5th by the Chargers.  Toney Clemons is Drafted in the 6th by the Raiders after he shines in the combine.  And Conrad Obi is drafted in the 7th by the Giants.  

  • TBD here.  I think I may be right about Miller being drafted in the top 3 rounds.  Speedy is likely to play in the NFL but may not be drafted higher than the 7th round.  I could be right about Clemons.  I doubt Obi gets drafted.  If I could add one...  Maybe Deehan gets a look as an UFA.  And hopefully Hanson goes and takes Hawkins' job for team America.

I can't wait to look back and see if I'm even close on any of these!

  • Eesh, did I have no clue...

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