I Already Like Ted Miller More than David Ubben

Ted's finally getting some questions from Buff fans.

Justin from Butte, Mont., writes: it's fairly obvious that you caught the CU-Cal game last year. It was an ugly game that started really bad and only got worse. Keep in mind that Colorado outperformed UCLA and Washington State (a team that's given credit for being on the rise) in a year where the head coach was fired mid-season. They were one game away from being bowl eligible in the very same season. There were definitely bad games, but CU also beat Georgia and Kansas State. You can think poorly of them now and focus squarely on the Cal game, but I think you'll be surprised this coming season. The new coaching staff can only improve what the team was under Hawkins. Throw in the small class of recruits with the vast majority of the team coming back and CU is going to be a contender.

Ted Miller: Loving the Colorado questions. Welcome!

Yes, that 52-7 loss at California damaged my perception of Colorado, perhaps more than it should have. And you make a good point about the rest of the Buffaloes season. They finished 5-7 with two losses by less than a TD as well as that epic meltdown versus Kansas.

I think Colorado will be competitive immediately, but I don't know if the Buffaloes will contend in the top-half of the South in 2011. They have a new coach, new staff, a questionable defense and a bit of uncertainty at quarterback.

But the move to the Pac-12 will help the Buffaloes get back into the mix nationally. The bump in Southern California recruiting will be a huge benefit.

Eric from New York writes: How would you rate John Embree's newly finalized coaching staff at Colorado?It's just been reported that the final piece, Rip Scherer (QB Coach for the Carolina Panthers) has come on board.Full Staff:OC - Eric BienemyDC - Greg BrownOL - Steve MarshallQB - Rip SchererWR - Bobby KennedyTE/ST - JD BrookhartILB - Brian CabralDT - Mike TuiasosopoOLB/DE - Kanavis McGheeS&C - Malcolm Blacken (Washington Redskins).

Ted Miller: On paper, it looks like a good staff. Lots of Pac-10 and NFL experience. Plenty of proven guys.

I've always thought that one of the first questions athletic directors interviewing coaching candidates should ask is: "Tell me about your coaching staff." My guess is one of Embree's selling points was his ability to put together this staff.

Now lets see how they work together with the talent they've inheritted. And how they recruit.

Pretty fair assesments of both questions. Ted still picks us to finish at the middle to bottom half of the South. I can accept that based on how we played last year and the team playing under a brand new system.

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