Revisiting Predictions

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So I mentioned in the prediction thread that I thought it would be interested to see what changed after week one. So, um, here's mine. (caveat- it really isn't that interesting)

1) The Buffs play five games on the road this year – @ Cal, @ Missouri, @ Oklahoma, @ Kansas and @ Nebraska. Any chance the Buffs break the road losing streak this year?
OLD: Yes. 3 of those are very winnable, and who knows what will happen by the end of the year with the last NU game for the near future.

NEW: yep, still believe it. Kansas looks spectacularly winnable. Oklahoma was lousy (not calling that a win- just sayin'), Missouri was mediocre. Cal looked better than I expected. 


2) Who will be the Buffs leading receiver in 2010? WR Toney Clemons, WR Scotty McKnight, WR Travon Patterson or WR Paul Richardson?
OLD: catches- McKnight. receiving yards- Clemons. Total yards- maybe Patterson

NEW: same/ same? I don't know. The vertical passing game was nonexistent. / Solid Patterson. 

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3) Will Cody Hawkins get 40 snaps this year?
OLD: yes, hopefully in mop up duty when we’re up big in the 4th.

NEW: Yes, probably covering for injury. 


4) In one or two words, what best describes this team right now? 

OLD: enigma

NEW: potential


5) Who will be the offensive MVP?
OLD: Solder

NEW: Patterson. I see big things for him. His punt returns alone will really help flip the field. Either he will break off some returns, or punters will kick away from him and thus, shorter. 


6) Who will be the defensive MVP?
OLD: Perkins

NEW: Major. Frankly, I saw from Perkins exactly what I expected. He was huge. But Major was huger. He was just massively impressive.


7) Who will be the true freshman to make the biggest mark in 2010?
OLD: P-Rich

NEW: Torres. No slight on P-Rich, but Torres looked good, and Lockridge didn't. At all. I expect Torres will be a lot more than just a short yardage back by the time conference play rolls around.


8) Biggest worry for 2010? Thing you are least worried about in 2010?
OLD: a) that we will lose a bunch of football games b) The linebackers. Cabral will always have a solid unit

NEW: a) that we'll end up right on the cusp between good and bad, and the decision on Hawkins tears us apart. b) linebackers. They were awesome.


9) Higher/Lower: Tyler Hansen. Seventh in the Big 12 in yards passing?
OLD: higher. Lots of teams looking to reestablish the run, and our RBs are pretty thin

NEW: Ummm... Big running days, but Hansen didn't let it rip against probably our least talented opponent. Still, I'm going to say higher, because I really want to see these receivers do big things. Not necessarily because I believe in Hansen.

10) The one game you are looking forward to the most in 2010?

NEW: SAME! (mostly because I'm leaving tomorrow for the Bay area)


11) November 26th rolls around. What are we talking about more: who will be the next coach of the Colorado Buffaloes or reminiscing about past Nebraska games as this may be the last between the two for a long time?
OLD: 62-36

NEW: 62-36!


12) Big 12 North winner? Big 12 South winner? Big 12 overall winner? National Champion?
OLD: Nebraska / Texas A&M / Nebraska / Boise State.

NEW: Nebraska/ um, eesh. Sure, A&M. Why the hell not/ Nebraska/ Boise State


13) Now time for the Buffs’ game by game win/loss assessment:
Colorado State Rams (Invesco Field @ Mile High) – Saturday, Sept 4th – Win/ WIN!!!!!
at California Golden Bears – Saturday, September 11th – Win/ toss up
Hawaii Warriors – Saturday, September 18th – Win/ Win
Georgia Bulldogs – Saturday, October 2nd – Lose/ Lose
at Missouri Tigers – Saturday, October 9th – Lose/ Win
Baylor Bears – Saturday, October 16th – Win/ Win
Texas Tech Red Raiders – Saturday, October 23th – Win/ Win
@ #7 Oklahoma Sooners – Saturday, October 30th – Lose/ Lose
@ Kansas Jayhawks – Saturday, November 6th – Win/ Win
Iowa State Cyclones – Saturday, November 13th – Win/ Win
Kansas State Wildcats – Saturday, November 20th – Win/ toss up
@ #8 Nebraska Cornhuskers – Friday, November 26th – Lose/ Lose
OLD: 8-4. 9-4 after a huge homecoming performance for Tyler Hansen in the Holiday Bowl, which introduces us to               the 2011 PAC 12, at which point we all forget the fact that Ames, Iowa ever existed.////////

NEW: Between 7-5 and 9-3. I still think we go to the Holiday Bowl. I'm hearing numbers between 7-10 thousand people in Berkley (BLACKOUT!!!) this weekend. It just perfectly slides us into the PAC 12 (also, I will attend it). And right after the Holiday Bowl, I will begin planning for next year's trip to Hawai'i. 

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