My own letter to Mike Bohn (and his response) from Nov. 9 last year after the K-state loss

 Thank you for taking time to write. I appreciate your passion and support of the program. I have read your note. MB

Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 6:46 PM
To: Michael R Bohn
Subject: Please sir

Mr. Bohn,

As a 29 year resident of Denver and a lifelong Buffs fan, I wear my Buffs gear proud.  I live in Arkansas now, and have spent my time in the south for the last 9 years where folks live and die with SEC football. 

I live and die with Colorado football.

A neighbor said to me the other day, “Man, you must be diehard, flying your Buffs flag when they’re playing like they’re playing.”  Yes I am. 

I love my Buffs, Mr. Bohn and I have never been more embarrassed to be associated with the program that I am right now.  I loved Hawk from the get-go.  Likeable guy.  Passionate. A winner. All of that in year one, and two.  We even traveled as a Buff family on our 13th wedding anniversary to witness the 2007 Independence Bowl in person. 

Since then though, mediocrity, excuses, and a 15-30 combined record.  Two road wins in three and a half years.  A stoic, uninspired apologist has emerged.  The passion is gone.    

Ask yourself this; Have you seen Hawk get as mad as he was in the “intramurals” rant three years ago? Why isn’t he that mad about our performance? Why?

Yesterday’s loss was as bad as I have ever seen.  This team has been prepared to play three times in two years.  Last year against the Huskers in Lincoln, despite the late loss.  Against Wyoming this season, and against KU two weeks ago.  Every other time, we’ve been outmatched, out-talented, and out coached.

 The damage by the product that is being produced now is irreparable when you consider the high school talent that won’t even consider Colorado as their next stop because of how bad we are now.  How many of the Danny Spond’s the Mister Jones’, and Nick Hirschman’s will decommit on signing day, opting instead for a program more stable, more reputable, with more promise, even if it means less playing time.  Guys we shouldn’t have signed in the first place, like Darrell Scott and Nick Kasa, have to be asking themselves if they made the right decision considering where Texas and Florida are right now, and where they will be next year and the year after that.

 Mr. Bohn, please.  The time is now, not after the season.  Not after we go 3-9 or 2-10.  Not after next year.  Make a change and salvage the recruiting season.  Give kids and the fans a glimmer that a better day is coming, and save the kids that are leaving and those that are coming. People fear change, but we need one, and we need one now.

 Hire Dave Logan.  Hire UNC’s John Shoop.  Hire Turner Gill.  Hire Jon Gruden.  Hire Mike Shannahan.  Hire Kyle Shannahan.  Hire Tommy Tuberville.  Hire Phillip Fullmer.  Hire Will Muschamp who understands the passion that must come every week to play division one football from his days at Auburn and now at Texas.  Bring back Bill McCartney at least in the interim, to restore the credibility to the Buffaloes.  Hire someone, anyone, and hire him today.

Please sir.  Make a change now for the kids, the fans, the state, the boosters, the alumni all deserve better. Restore the order. Restore the passion at the University of Colorado. You deserve better. We deserve better.  It’s division one football.

Shoulder to shoulder,

Eric Flohr

Bentonville, AR

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