Monday Buff Bites - Silver & Gold Crushed

What is it with teams that wear Blue and Gold?  And throw the ball semi-competently?  And take advantage of rampant and egregious CU mistakes?  I don't know.  What I do know is that you, me, Tyler Hansen, Mike Bohn, Buff Nation, and the rest of the Free World were literally, figuratively, and collectively crushed on Saturday. 

Colorado_mediumThe thing is; most people aren't talking about us, they're talking about Virginia Tech's loss to JMU, the ACC, and the FCS.  On The Mark: Week 1 - ESPN

In the first two weeks of the season alone, five FCS teams have defeated FBS opponents: Jacksonville (Ala.) State stunned Ole Miss 49-48 in two overtimes, North Dakota State beat Kansas 6-3, South Dakota defeated Minnesota 41-38, Gardner-Webb beat Akron 38-37 in overtime and Liberty shocked Ball State 27-23.

One positive I can find is that at least we didn't lose to an FCS team.

Colorado_mediumCabral inspires CU`s Hawaiian players - Buffzone - Another positive from the game was Cal's 3rd Down efficiency: 4 for 11; and that was certainly thanks in part to Cabral's Hawaiian Linebackers.

Colorado_mediumBuffs' struggles surprise WR Clemons - The Denver Post - I think this counts as a positive, but nobody's pointing the finger at the other guy.

CU junior wide receiver Toney Clemons said the team's struggles on offense have surprised him. "I'm not sure I can put my finger on it," Clemons said Saturday after the loss. "But I just know as a unit, our receivers and running backs, the skill position guys, have to make plays when given the opportunity."

Colorado_mediumTurnovers costly for Buffs - The Longmont Times-Call - Calling the turnovers costly is a gross understatement, as has already been said better by the other writers and many of y'all.  One thing this article calls attention to: at halftime we trailed 31-0 but had outgained Cal offensively

"We just didn’t execute. It’s disappointing," CU quarterback Tyler Hansen said.

"This is the most embarrassing game of my life," McKnight said. "Of my life. I don’t even know how to handle it. It’s so embarrassing."

Beyond that, there's not much more you can say other than; move on, practice hard, and beat the Rainbows.

Neil Woelk is understandably livid, after the jump.


Colorado_mediumSomber Buffaloes focus on studying film - Buffzone
A somber mood filled the Dal Ward Center as players and coaches endured correct-and-review sessions Sunday from the 52-7 disaster at Cal on Saturday.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Bears Take An Ugly Bite Out of Buffs -
California rolled to a 31-0 halftime lead before putting away the Buffaloes 52-7 on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley.

Colorado_mediumWoelk: Same old story for same old Buffaloes - Buffzone
No excuses? Indeed. There is no excuse for what happened to the Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday. The Buffs were a) humiliated; B) embarrassed; c) outclassed, outplayed and outcoached; or d) all of the above.

Colorado_medium EDSBS'S BEST IN CLASS: WEEK 2 - Every Day Should Be Saturday 
Usually not a place where you want a mention, but funny none the less.

HAND UP!  Yes, Dan Hawkins? Yes, we know you had a bad day. Yes, we know everyone in the Pac-10 is being mean to you. No, you may not have a bathroom pass. No, you may not have a contract extension. Sit down, Dan Hawkins.

Colorado_mediumSoccer Picks Up 2-1 OT Win - - At least some CU team beat some other Pac-10 team:

The University of Colorado women's soccer team beat Washington State 2-1 in overtime Sunday afternoon.

Go LadyBuffs!

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