Saturday Highlight Reel & Buff Bites - Is it Game Day yet?

28 Days Later...  I mean Left.

 Colorado_mediumCrisp, efficient first CU workout - The Denver Post 

If observers didn't know it, they might have guessed that Colorado's practice on Thursday was the 20th of August camp rather than the first.

Colorado_medium'Paperwork' Prevents Patterson's Day 1 Participation - - It may just be a formality, but it just irks me that Patterson wasn't able to participate in the inital camp practice.

"We're working through a paperwork deal on him, so we're just waiting on other folks to get to all that stuff," Hawkins said. Asked if the process appeared to be a formality, he answered, ''Yeah, yeah . . . it seems like there's always some of that" to deal with at this time of year.

Colorado_mediumKasa impressed with CU newbie Harrington - The Denver Post - The Junior College Linebacker Harrington is impressing people, including Nick Kasa.
Colorado_mediumThree CU foes in coaches top 25 - The Denver Post - The Preseason Coaches top 25 is out, and from our schedule you have Oklahoma (#8), Nebraska (#9), and Georgia (#21) that made the list.  The also-rans (also receiving votes) are Mizzou, Cal, and Tech.

Today's highlight reel is against that other red school, but you gotta make the jump...

 Colorado_mediumThe Daily Camera has video interviews with Tyler Hansen [here] and Jimmy Smith [here].  I like what I hear from both of our guys.

DC: Do you think you need a good camp to start, or do you need a great camp?

TH: I think I need a great camp, regardless.  I just need to go out there every day, go out and make plays, be perfect on my reads, be perfect on my throws.  I think if I do that, the rest will take care of itself.

DC: What does it mean to you to be named to the Thorpe Award preseason watch list?

JS: It's a good personal honor, but I'm looking forward more to making this team get to a bowl game.  That's more my focus than the Thorpe award.  That'll come when our team wins.

Colorado_mediumSneaky Bulldogs: CU links Georgia fans to online ticket scam - Buffzone - Georgia fans tried to scam the CU ticket office with promotional codes - and would have been sitting with family members of the 1990 Championship Team.  They tried to take our tickets, but they'll never take our literacy... or our teeth.

Colorado_mediumThis could be the last time we play Oklahoma after all those years in the Big-8 and Big-12.  Here's a nice highlight reel (with the game sound this time) of our most recent game against the Sooners:

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