Is anyone else bummed out all of a sudden?

Obviously with my large number of posts this morning I am sitting at home in front of my computer and have BCS expansion on the brain and it's depressing me a little bit.  I'll sum it up here rather than in a bunch of different threads, I'll try not to repeat myself (or what others have said) but I probably will...

I think we were almost universally excited here when the idea of us moving to the Pac-10 (with Utah) started getting play in the media.  Let's see, what were the reasons again... 

Lots of interesting teams to play in lots of interesting cities

Much better cultural fit with our town and school

More academically prestigious schools to pal around with

Possibly a little easier athletic competition (that point is debatable)

Possibly more money in the long run


This new plan with the Big 12 south schools has NONE of those things (except money, which it would definitely have much more of). 

Hope you like road trips to Lubbock and Stillwater and enjoy 110 degree evenings in Tempe!  (no offense Arizona and ASU, but you two weren't at the top of my list of Pac-10 road games I wanted to attend, sorry, I hate hot weather) 

Worse cultural fit than we have now (at least in our division)

Patting ourselves on the back for having the academics to get a Pac-10 invite would be pretty stupid now with the caliber of schools they're inviting, it's obviously all about money

BRUTAL athletic competition, and just from a personal level, I've never liked the Texas teams.  I starting following the Buffs in the final years of the Big 8 and NU, K-State, Mizzou, and OU have always been my favorite football opponents.  I could take or leave the others.

I know things are cyclical and we were one of the top dogs in football (along with NU) when the Big 12 was formed but that just seems like a million years ago and in a different universe.  We're gonna have a VERY steep uphill climb to be competitive in this new division.  Even with the sorry state of our team right now, there is no one that I'm "afraid of" in the North.  Likewise, if armageddon happens and we end up with Boise and Houston or somebody in the MWC there is no one there I'm "afraid of".  I'm not being cocky, I just feel (with the right coach) we have the facilities, tradition, fan support, money, whatever else, to win in the North or MWC consistently.  I'm "afraid of" Texas and OU (and to a lesser extent A&M and OSU).  We are simply not on even footing with them.  Even with a good coach what is the best we could expect, a division title every 10-15 years?  I know I'm almost always Debbie downer here, but I've got a bad case of expansion fever, and it isn't the good kind.  At least with the money we could hopefully fire coaches that suck.

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