Live From the Pac-10 Media TeleConference: The Pac-10 Conference Welcomes Colorado

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Below are the abridged comments from the exclusive media teleconference with Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott, CU President Bruce Benson and Philip P. DiStefano, chancellor of CU-Boulder.

Q&A from the media:

Question: Dennis Dodd - CBS Comment on if Oklahoma State has joined the conference
Larry Scott (PAC 10 Commissioner): "That would be news to me.  No, that is not accurate."

Question: John Henderson - Why Colorado first?
Larry Scott - Colorado is a great fit, in every scenario Colorado was a great fit. (Scott will be in Boulder tomorrow)

Question: John Henderson -  What if Texas schools don't come to Pac-10? What do you gain?
Larry Scott - Many scenerio's, premature to speculate on that.

Question: Kirk Bohls, Austin Statesman - Will you stop at the 11 schools?
Scott - I can not confirm that we won't stop at 11 schools. "I won't comment on any individual school or scenario"

Question: Kirk Bohls, Austin Statesman - Buyout penalty to Big 12 from Colorado?
Colorado Officials - "We don't know if there will be a penalty or what it would be at this point." If there is a penalty we will work something out with the Pac-10 to take those funds from future revenue's from that conference.

Question: Kirk Bohls, Austin Statesman:  When would Colorado join the Pac-10
Scott: "Intention is for all sports to start in 2012"

Question: Kyle Ringo, BDC - Did Pac-10 ask Colorado to add new sports?
Scott - No requirement to add any sports but we have had discussions about the profile of sports that seem to fit well, including baseball and softball.

Question: Ringo - Colorado will not have to absorb the full penalty of Big 12 if there is one, correct?
CU Officials - we haven't worked out the financial plan yet.  Need to figure out how we can work with the Pac-10 to maybe look at some up front financing.

Question: Ted Miller, - When was the first moments of any type of contact with Colorado
Scott - We have had some informal talks but the first formal contact was on Tuesday after the Regents meeting.

Question: Ted Miller, - What are your feeling about the Denver market and the fact that people say it is more of a pro sports town?
Scott - "People said that about LA and SF too, so I guess you can say that it's quite compatible if that's the case"

Question: BDC - Academic implications for the switch to the Pac-10?
DiStefano - Faculty works closely with Stanford and Cal. Faculty will feel very positive about the partnership

Question: Bud Withers (Seattle Times): is there any possibility of having the Pac-10 as an 11 team conference?
Scott - Yes, it is a possibility, anything is possible

Question: Withers - What about scheduling challenges with possibly a large geography?
Scott - We have looked very carefully at sport schedules on a sport by sport basis. We are determined through the use of divisions and creative scheduling that we are determined to minimize missed class time and extensive traveling

Question: Bruce Pasco Arizona Daily Star - Have you extended any other invitations? Waiting for Nebraska?
Scott - Not going to comment on invitations at this time

Question: Pasco - Example of creative scheduling? Arizona schools in East division with Big 12 South teams and Colorado?
Scott - Unfortunately at this stage can't go into details right now.

Question: Scott Reed: Brings up USC issues.  Will the Pac-10 strip them of their titles?
Scott: We are currently reviewing the materials and will be issuing a statement today

Question: Josh Barr (Washington Post) Did you forsee something happening this quickly?
Scott - To a degree, when we met, there was a deadline that had been issued by the big 12 to its members so we kind of knew that it there was going to be a flurry of activity

Question: Jimmy Burch FW ST: Financially speaking, what is the difference between stopping at 11 and going all the way to 16?
Scott - The financial considerations are an important part of a larger set of considerations.  CAA was hired to model the media impacts of the new teams and new tv deals

Question:  John Gold (LA Daily News):  You were charged with exploring new revenue streams when you were hired, did you expect this to all happen to quickly in your tenure?
Scott - Our presidents and chancellors have a bold vision of what the Pac-10 can be going forward. Media and marketing matters in addition to the logistics of running the conference.

Question: Oklahoma Daily - How will you rebrand the Pac-10 name?
Scott - Don't want to get the cart before the horse. Name should reflect the membership.

Question: Des Moines Register - Have you talked to schools like Iowa State and Kansas?
Scott - we have had very few conversations with many Universities individually

Question: Des Moines Register - How do you feel about the schools left behind in the Big 12
CU Officials - We have not talked to the schools yet. Wish the remainders a lot of luck in the future but this was the best move for us at the time

Question: Neil Woelk , Boulder Daily Camera - Is the start of the superconference set up and will lead to a playoff
Scott - Can't predict the future

Question: Woelk , Boulder Daily Camera  - do you predict a championship game in the Pac-10 in 2012?
Scott - That will be determined after these expansion scenerios have been completed.  Its certainly something that we would expect in certain scenerios.

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